Thursday, May 22, 2008


Gone to anchorage to drop off some work.

Stop it, stop that whining and wailing right now. You'll be OK until I get back. You will.

In the mean time, have a laugh at the stupidity of others. Go on, do it. It'll make you feel better.


  1. That didn't make me feel better.

    That made me think of traction and funerals.

  2. I watched all 15 videos. Funny, funny shit man. I have seen / done some of that, too, but not the more seriously retarded stuff.

    One of my more....interesting childhood projects (I was ~10) involved a model rocket (with trimmed fins, a single, first-stage rocket engine and no second stage, and black powder where the parachute should have been), a Christmas wrapping paper tube, some electrical tape, a couple of crudely-fashioned wooden handles, a spst button switch, a 9V battery...

    Well, you get the picture. I learned a lot about disposable anti-personnel rocket design from that adventure.

    And I also learned a lot about the flash point of duct tape and polyester shirts. I mean, even at 10 I realized that the backflash was going to be a problem, I just underestimated how much of a problem. I guess I should have used muffler tape...

  3. See, John, even then you were destined to be a scientist...

  4. Jim, I always maintain that in the larval stages, it is hard for a parent to distinguish a future chemist from a future pyromaniac.

  5. Sometimes it's pretty hard to distinguish between the two as adults :)

    I used to work at the Naval Research Labs, and there were days where the smoke coming from certain labs was a little thick. and sometimes it was strangely colored...

    Best overhead line in the hall outside a lab? "Don't worry, Sam, they should grow back, just comb everything forward for a while..."

    I assumed the comment referenced eyebrows, but then again...


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