Thursday, May 29, 2008

That kind of Day

Feels like a Rolling Stones day, doesn't it?

Yeah, definitely I need me some Stones today.

And speaking of rolling stones, Beastly should be somewhere north of Dawson Creek, British Columbia today. Heading north on the Alcan into the vastness of the Canadian northwest, his RV loaded with woodworking tools and $6CD per gallon gas. I'm anticipating his arrival here at Stonekettle Station sometime this coming weekend. Woohoo! I've got about 500sqft of the shop cleared, power boxes wired and new ports on the dust collector mainline for his equipment and use. It'll be great to have him as a guest for the summer.

Now, speaking of the shop - I've got to head in that direction momentarily. But before I go, a question:

Years from now, when you've passed on in a mysterious manner, your body never found, despite the largest air, sea, and land search in history (though years later a fuzzy picture of you in the market of Marrakesh surfaces, maybe you didn't die after all...) after a long and very, very successful life - Hollywood decides to make a movie of your incredible adventures. The flick opens with you behind the wheel of an amazingly restored '72 Chevy Impala convertible, black cherry red paintjob and custom chrome exterior, red and white leather interior. You're blazing down a remote highway somewhere (maybe it's the Pacific Coast Highway, or maybe it's Route 66, or even a dusty unknown track in the no man's land of the North African Toreq. who knows? Watch the movie and find out), top down, and radio blaring. You're alone, but the audience knows you won't be for long. Soon, very soon there will be explosions, beautiful women, rugged men, gun play, and maybe pirates.

Here's the thing, the song on the radio is the opening theme of the movie. What's the song?

Note: all you lurkers feel free to join in. Delurk, do it. Today's the day.

Me? Oh, it would probably be this:

Yeah, I know you were expecting something from Dire Straits - try to pay attention, I told you it felt like a Stones day, didn't I?


  1. I'm not really a Stones kind of gal. I was always more into Aerosmith.

    But I like this song.

    My own theme song? Probably "Don't Fear the Reaper" by BOC.

  2. I don't remember which cut, but something off "Rio Momo" by David Byrne. I drove from NY to LA listening to that over and over; it's totally made for loud singing into the slipstream at the top of your lungs.

  3. (pssst... go post your Valley Forge pic in the 'e' picture thread.)


  4. MWT, done. Thanks.

    Now in return, song, Dude, what's your theme song?

  5. Hmm...

    Boys of Summer by Don Henley
    Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
    I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty

    And now I'm watching Tom Petty videos on YouTube....

  6. Michelle, funny, I was just listening to "Last Dance with Mary Jane" a couple of minutes ago, also "Learning to fly."

  7. I somehow always manage to forget how much I love his "Into the Great Wide Open" video.

    Now I wanna go home and listen to all my Tom Petty CDs.

    And I don't think I have Southern Accents on CD.


  8. Anything by AC/DC with a special fondness for Back in Black... definitely great road trip music. It keeps me awake and I can sing along (inaudibly) too!

  9. I forgot to add: there's a mysterious package, wrapped in brown paper and tied with hemp string on the back seat. Every once in a while you glance in the rearview mirror just to make sure it's still there - then you smile ever so slightly.

    On the Horizon behind you there's the slightest hint of dust, a pursuit? Maybe.

    And now I'm playing In the Lap of the Gods by The Alan Parson's Project.

  10. I have no idea what an overall theme song of my entire life would be. But at the moment, it would probably be On Earth by Samael.

  11. MWT, good choice.

    There's a pistol on the passenger seat. The grips are worn in shape your hand, you obviously know how to use it. It's loaded, safety off, you don't need to check - you just know.

  12. Okay, phew, I'm going with "Sympathy for the Devil". Or, if it's a lighter comedy, "Spirit in the Sky."

  13. Of course, there's always Joe Walsh's "Meadows" or if we go darker, "The Confessor."

  14. And yeah, before you ask, I used to play text adventure games - and I loved them better than anything they have available today. It's the difference between a book and a movie.

    Ahead, there's a indistinct figure taking shape out for the heat haze. Tall, dark, standing near the road. Waiting for you.

    In my movie Six Blade Knife by Dire Straits begins to play...

  15. I'd love to say something like Nazareth's Hair of the Dog or Tracy Bonham's Behind Every Good Woman. Makes me sound more interesting.

    Then again, this is a fictional version of me, so yeah. Let's go for one of those.

  16. I didn't realize it was that kind of trip.

    If so, I would have worn different shoes and underwear.

  17. Okay, one of "those" movies. Then I'm going to have to say "Confessor" by Joe Walsh. (was one of the first songs that ever gave me a story idea, a script for Miami Vice back when it was on the air, never did write it out). Great words, the duality of the song, with gritty undertones (most of Joe's guitar playing brings that backwoods feeling to my head, which the dobro and over warm electric guitar amplifies in this song).

  18. And just for that, now I'm playing "Dizz Knee Land" by dada

  19. I just flipped off President George
    I'm going to dizz knee land

  20. For unknown reasons Michelle's comment has managed to get Afroman's Because I Got High stuck in my head. ARRGH!!! I can not sing or play that at work. Not gonna fly.

  21. Well, I was away for a few hours, so I missed the morphing. Now I'm singing "Send Lawyers, Guns & Money...the shit has hit the fan...Hrgh! (Much air guitar follows while steering with my knees.)

  22. I'm not sure what my movie theme song would be, but I remember a period of a few years during which my theme song (shared by a buddy at the office) was the Beach Boys' version of "Sloop John B". Especially on those heavy days when the judges want you in six court rooms simultaneously, the DAs are being 'tards, and all your clients are acting like perfect idiots.

    Don't see the connection? Puzzled? You shouldn't be:

    Let me go home
    Why dont they let me go home?
    This is the worst trip
    I've ever been on....

  23. Lawyers, Guns, and Money

    Nathan, I believe that just may be the perfect opening.

    A shrill whining begins, just below audible range, somewhere behind you. Raising to a keening buzz, then a flaming roar! A dark shadow streaks across the sky traveling from behind you and flashing overhead in a deafening crescendo. An F4 Phantom, a single glance tells you it's a G model, the Wild Weasel, painted in unknown colors. The stink of burnt JP4 jet fuel blooms around you.

    Ahead, beside the road, the figure you glimpsed through the haze raises what looks to be a Russian made S7 ManPAD...

    You reach over and take the pistol in hand.

    The lines of fate begin to converge on this single sun soaked point in space...

    The song on the radio changes to...

  24. Jim,

    It's the guitar licks...excellent.

    (I don't know how to type Derr-da-din-dah-di-di-di-de...dinininuneeeeeh.

    and then I did.)

  25. Really,

    someone must have invented a nomenclature for typing air-guitar...this is the intertubes.

  26. Nathan, well, yeah - it's Zevon, man.

    My personal favorite? Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, which may just be the song on the radio at this very moment.

    Dark Clouds are gathering on the horizon. Far out ahead, the F4G's contrail describes a lengthening arc as the deadly machine loops in a high speed skidding turn.

    He's coming back.

    Just then, the Impala's engine stutters, then resumes it's throaty roar - you glance down, the fuel gauge is buried in the dash, somewhere below "E"...

  27. Oh and Steve, Yeah, Joe Walsh belongs in this movie.

  28. I'm in awe...but I'm really scared too.

  29. Scared of the enormous number of typos in my comments? Yeah, me too.

    The Impala's engine dies. You coast towards the figure ahead and slide to a stop in silence, missing him by bare inches - He doesn't flinch.

    He's tall, nearly 7 feet. His skin is so dark you expect to see stars blazing from it. Maasai, the ritual facial scars of manhood give it away, and that of course tells the movie audience where you are, Masi Mara - during the alien Chaki 'abri Invasion of 2010, and the battle of Angel Falls. You are about to become a hero.

    The Maasai glances at you, sitting there in the driver's seat of the now lifeless car.

    "Impala," he says in British accented English, "a good choice for Kenya, friend."

    In the distance comes the rising raptor cry of the F4G.

  30. I'm late to the party as usual, but my choices would be.

    1. Joe Walsh..Life's been good to me so far

    2. Bryan Adams..Summer of '69

    3.The Eagles...Hotel California

  31. Hotel California, yeah I think that works.

  32. You grin back at him, obviously you're old acquaintances. Obviously.

    You grab the package from the backseat, tuck the pistol in your belt, and climb from the car.

    Ktumbte, the Maasi, glances at the package.

    "Cookies," you reply, "from home."

    "Oatmeal, I hope," replies Ktumbte. Then he hefts the missile launcher and takes aim at the approaching aircraft...

  33. "Riders On The Storm," The Doors. Something about Jim Morrison fits right in to that story!

  34. People are Strange maybe. Not a big Doors fan here, but yeah, I think it fit's the mood.

  35. Wait, you're gonna fire a manpad at an oncoming jet?

    Excuse me while I get my ass behind something hard and non-flammable, because if (and a big if at that) your successful, there's gonna be a bunch of flaming crap raining down in a sec. The S7 isn't gonna deflect much of the velocity, but it's going to make big sharp parts of the jet, if it hits with this angle.

    IR, good for launching at the side or tail, not for jets bearing down on your position.

  36. Wait, you're gonna fire a manpad at an oncoming jet? Steve whispers loudly to the person sitting next to him.

    Oh, Jeez. There's always one of these guys in the movie audience, picking out the flaws. (Usually it's me - in fact I was just about to point out that the famous battle was actually at Gura Falls, not Angel Falls which is of course in Argentina not Kenya, fucking Hollywood. But Steve interrupted me first)

    You there, Ssssh!


    "Well?" you ask.
    There's no hurrying Ktumbte, he calmly tracks the incoming aircraft, one eye glued to the IR sight, ignoring the optical scope completely.
    Finally he answers your question, "Human. The heat signature says it's real, not a holo field over one their needle ships."
    "Hmmm," you say, "Wonder where the Army got a Phantom, that thing must be 30 years old."
    "Just as well, Yank," the Maasi replies, "it's not like I've got any missiles left for this piece of shit."
    You grin at each other, and turn to wave at the approaching plane...

  37. I know it's probably off-topic, but I had a great idea once for a game to create and market. You'd get a couple of control buttons that would attach to your steering wheel and an actual HUD on your windshield.

    You'd get to fire imaginary missiles and 20mm machine gun fire at other cars that pissed you off, and the computer part of things would record hits and misses and make impressive noises and 'splodey stuff on the HUD. In my dream, this would have been marketed and sold in a massive release all at once because it would take the various states about 10 minutes to outlaw the damned thing as a hazard to driving. The trick is to sell a billion of them really quick before 'the man' catches on.

    Of course you'd have no trouble selling them. I dare any of you to say you wouldn't buy it.

  38. Nathan, already have mine. My thumb keeps hitting the missile release switch every time I get stuck behind some a-hole SUV or big Pick-me-up Truck who has suddenly realized just how much gas they use and so are now driving at 10 miles below the speed limit, right in front of me, during my morning commute.

  39. Forgot to mention, my system is control wire, so the missiles can strike from the side, knocking the offending vehicle off the road so I don't have to drive through the crash.

  40. I like it, except for that part about imaginary missiles. Imaginary? No, I want real missiles and machine guns. And a death ray.

  41. You'd get to fire imaginary missiles and 20mm machine gun fire at other cars that pissed you off, and the computer part of things would record hits and misses and make impressive noises and 'splodey stuff on the HUD.

    Years ago when we had a get together for our BBSes, I met one of the regulars whom I discovered used a scooter to get around due to health problems.

    She had a big red KILL button on the dash of her scooter, that made explodey sounds when pushed.

    Saw her use it a couple times over the course of the weekend.

    Very satisfying.

  42. I used to have a keychain with six buttons for six different splodey sound effects. Sadly it ran out of batteries and went by the wayside...

  43. I know I'm waaaaay behind on this one, but the initial song I had going through my head (and it was probably the car and the wind in my hair that did it) was Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf!). It's one of my many theme songs, the one for driving fast.

  44. My theme song? Oh, that's easy, although I only aspire to it: "When the Blue Hour Comes" by Joan Osborne. Fabulous song, one of my top five faves ever.

  45. That's so odd - this came through as a new post in my RSS feed, so I figured you were re-doing it for our entertainment.

  46. I linked to it via twitter - as an experiment with twirl and tinyurl. Maybe that caused it.

    But hey, if you're entertained and I get a new song suggestion, well it's all delicious caramel center.


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