Saturday, March 22, 2008

Willin' (Updated)

I spent the morning loading new music into my ZEN.

The discussion the other day on the Whatever regarding everybody's favorite Beatles tune got me pawing through my library, which led to uploading the complete Beatles portfolio onto the ZEN. Then, as long as I was at it I figured I'd add another couple of gigs of this and that.

Which somehow led to this:

Now I'm not any kind of huge Linda Ronstadt fan, but Willin' is a freakin' great tune. Poor Poor, Pitiful Me is pretty awesome too, but I like Warren Zevon's version better, same with Mohammed's Radio.

So, what else should I load on the ZEN? My library is pretty huge, you name it I probably got it.


I asked my son what he liked, and got this:


  1. Shame on you! Shame. The Lowell George version (and he wrote it) has no comparison. (I've never heard the Warren Zevon version but I bet its good.)

  2. The entire Warren Zevon songbook, because I like him, and I was singing Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner this morning.

  3. You know, Tania, any chick who sings Roland and Headless Tompson Gunner is okay in my book.

    I already have the complete Zevon loaded in the ZEN. Beastly and I once roamed the San Diego Zoo, singing Gorilla, you're a desperado to the great amusement of my son and the embarrassment of my wife.

    And Nathan, agreed. He wrote a lot of stuff for Rhondstadt and Zevon - both give him credit for a number of songs.

  4. "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" was penned by Zevon, from his eponymous 1976 album.

    Ronstadt's a phenomenal singer. I'm not sure I'd call myself a fan: the only Ronstadt album I own is one she recorded with Emmylou Harris a few years ago (Western Wall--The Tucson Sessions, and I mainly got that because I'm a huge Harris fan. It has an awesome version of Jackson Browne's "For A Dancer" (featuring Neil Young on harmonies, no less) that got me back into Browne's early stuff.

    Which (back on topic), if you're in a '70s mood, you might give Browne's first three albums another listen. He started to go downhill when he tried to mainstream into a bigger sound (the Jon Landau-produced The Pretender is about half a good album and about half shite--with the halves sometimes occurring in the same damn song), but his depressive bar ballads about suicidal friends and exes were magnificent.

    Really, I dunno what to suggest. You've already filled it with your Dire Straits. What else do you like?

  5. Eric, yep, I have all the Jackson Browne loaded - big fan of his early stuff.

  6. You'll notice that the post has been updated - so, lesson, don't ask an eleven year what he likes, no really.

  7. OK, if you load up Waiting For Columbus you're back in my good graces. And Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs & Englishmen has a few misses on it, but the stuff that works is just absolutely amazing.

  8. Okay, why was that video so funny? I'm not being sarcastic. I kept laughing and I don't know why.

    * * *

    Speaking of The Kinks: Muswell Hillbillies is an awesome album.

    I have a lot of Nina Simone on my iPod right now. You can't go wrong with Ms. Nina.

    On a non-music-type note, I'm probably the last person on Earth to realize that podcasts are great for when you're in the car. I haven't gone too deep or wide thus far: so far I've pretty much only been downloading horror stories from Pseudopod. The same people have an SF version called "Escape Pod" that I haven't had occasion to try yet. Might not be the kind of thing you want on the Zen if you're only really using it in the shop or while you're writing, obviously.

    Ooo--Camper Van Beethoven just came up on shuffle play here. There's someone else you should add to the Zen! Seriously, CVB's great.

  9. I'll second the CVB recommendation. Tania is a fine song, and one that I usually play immediately after Roland, since Tania is a Patty Hearst song.

    Astrud Bilberto, Ben Folds (love the cover of Bitches Aint Shit), The Clash, and maybe some Lily Allen so you can enjoy the cheeky lyrics. Ok, Lily Allen is probably too pop for you, but Not Big is a pretty funny song. If you're a girl.

  10. Nathan, how long have we been hanging out around each other's places? What in the world would make you think that I wouldn't already have Mad Dog's and Englishmen on the ZEN? Huh?

    Eric, I'm not a big podcast kind of guy. I find it too distracting in the shop - however I do load podcasts for long trips on the plane or in the car. I subscribe to escape pod

  11. Oh man you would hate my music. I am more Josh Stone type music. And that video your son recommended is hilarious, but why? I feel strangely guilty for laughing..lol!

  12. Please accept this miserable being's most humble apologies oh revered bowl-making, Alien-writing, Middele-East-Raiding, frightener of ensigns. The vileness of Nathan's insult shall not go unpunished.

    Nathan shall wear the hair shirt for two weeks and pray for forgiveness.

  13. OK, let's see

    "Camper Van Beethoven" Never heard of it - so I'll have to look that up.

    Clash, Kinks, Browne, Dire Straits, Zevon, Ben Folds, Nina Simone

    Not big on Lily Allen or Josh Stone.

    And I don't know why the Numa Numa Video is so funny - until your kid plays it like 300 times in a row.

    Do a youtube search on "Numa Numa" and see what you get.

  14. Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart is probably the CVB album to start with. Some of the really major CVB classics like "Take The Skinheads Bowling" are from some early indie releases that are worth having--but are (as far as I know) only available in a boxed set (Cigarettes And Carrot Juice--The Santa Cruz Years) unless Amazon or someone has them available for download.

    Sweetheart is a great album, and has "Tania" (the track Tania mentioned, fittingly enough) and one of my personal favorites, "She Divines Water" (which was the song that came up on shuffle that led to my bringing up CVB in the first place). Sweetheart is also sort of the album that flirted with mainstream success, so it's a little more accessible.

    If you're familiar with the band Cracker, that was kind of a CVB spinoff band when CVB first broke up (they got back together a few years ago), and Cracker's later stuff sounds a lot like CVB (which may seem ironic, but makes sense if you get into the whole long history of it all).

    If you like snarky humor and the violin, it's hard to imagine you not liking CVB. Give 'em a shot.

  15. Tania loves Tania because it's an awesome song that uses her name.

    Of course, going through my music from that era, might I also suggest Dead Milkmen, Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones?

    But, um, I would add in some Santana and a few choice Black Sabbath songs.

    This is reminding me, I need to rip John some ringtones for his phone. I'm Jungle Boogie when calling from my cell, and I Walk The Line when calling from the house. Heh.

  16. Ooh! Warren Zevon!

    My crazy friend Zap introduced me to Warren Zevon.

    "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" was a favorite when I was in college.

    And I love Cracker. "Lonesome Johnny Blues" is one of my favorite songs when I'm starting to take my depression too seriously.

    "Grim Reaper he pulled up into my drive
    Grim Reaper pulled his little old Chevrolet
    right up onto the goddamn drive"

    How about some Steven Ray Vaughan? Or Ladysmith Black Mombazo? Or any of the artists who came out of the Buena Vista Social Club?

    Though I don't think you'd much care for some of my other favorites; I love techo/indistrial, so I think "The Matrix" has one of the best soundtracks ever created.

  17. Santana, good suggestion Tania.

    Never listened much to Cracker, but I've got most of their stuff. I'll check it out.

    "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" is one of my favorite Zevon songs - but you've got to play it loud. "Excitable Boy" is good too. "Desperadoes under the Eves" is also one of my favorites.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn. Yep.

    I don't have any CVB, I'll check that out.

    Thanks all.

  18. OK, I'm a music illiterate compared to you guys. My iPod contains a 3-way mix of classic rock, country and folk, with a few movie & Broadway soundtracks sprinkled in for good measure.

    The most interesting, unique stuff I have is probably Lucinda Williams, the Clash, and a truckload of Johnny Cash.

    I'm boring. :P

  19. Stevie Ray Vaughan for sure. A little "Little Wing" in the afternoon keeps me grooving. Don't forget to have a little Black Crowes, Talking Heads, Ramones, Randy Newman, Queen, Floyd, Zepplin, Fountains of Wayne, Susan Werner, and just in case you need it, a little Sinatra. Hell, I could go on for hours (Tim O'Brien, VAS, Police, Elvis Costello, BOC, Ozzie, Blake Shelton, Billy Joel, Joe Walsh, Christine Lavin...).

  20. Heh, what a funny coincidence. I listened to my Best of Warren Zevon (bought on the strength of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner) CD in the car yesterday.

  21. Yeah, I think XKCD feeds off my blog - there are a large number of coincidences, aren't there?


  22. I'm listening to REO Speedwagon right now (*head bows in shame*. Blame 'Horton Hears a Who'). But surprisingly, I like it quite a bit. And I'm on an 80s tangent these days. Remember April Wine? Billy Squire? Eric Johnson? Whitesnake?

    How 'bout John Prine? You might like him. And Jimmy Buffett. Some really good stuff there, once you get past the obvious. And (please don't laugh at me) I have a lot of John Denver on my mp3 player.

    And of course you can't go wrong with Satchmo, or Ella, or Billie. Duke Ellington. Dizzy. Coltrane. You get the idea...

    Your son is hillarious...


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