Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recent Comments

I'm busy this morning, and don't have time to be making snarky comments right now. Sorry.

On the other hand, this will allow Tom's co-workers to actually get things done, rather than worrying about the odd noises he's making and searching about for their body armor and the nearest exit.

However - I've got something for those of you running blogspot sites. A while back we were scratching our heads over how to add a decent 'recent comments' widget to the sidebar. I think it was Eric who finally came up with the workaround most of us have been using. Last night while playing around with my site, I found a better one.

Look over there ->

You'll notice that the 'recent comments' widget now has a new look to it and seems to work better and faster.

Here's how you get the updated code for your blogger site. Go here, follow the directions. Copy the resulting code. Go back to your site and select 'customize'. Click on 'Add a Page Element,' and then select 'HTML/Javascript.' Paste in the code and save changes. Delete the old comments widget.

Like the older method this widget works from the RSS/Atom feed, so it can take a bit to update depending on server loading and RSS poling.

There is a better method, that uses embedded javascript to draw directly from the comments table. But it's tricky to get the coding exactly right, especially if you're using blogger templates. I fooled around with it last night, and if you're not a HTML/CSS person you can really hose up your site. Once I get it down and working, I'll post the code and directions here. In the mean time, this solution should provide you blogspotters with a better site look and utility.

Yeah, you're welcome.


  1. Pithy comment about Jim's comment about Tom's coworkers.

    Hmmm, recent comments look lonely. Nothing under the heading. Maybe there needs to be some recent comments in order for the recent comments to be displayed. Therefore, this is a recent comment. The top line is just to draw attention.

  2. Tom, what browser are you using?

    It appears to work fine in both Firefox and IE7 here - and is fully populated on my end. Hmmmm

  3. Tom, it's MSIE 6, right?

    That should be working. Hmmmm again.

  4. It may that your firewall is blocking the feed. I'm not sure.

    It's working perfectly here, in FF and IE6 and 7. Updating immediately. I saw both your comments and mine, as soon as they posted, but the widget does draw from a third site, and that site may be blocked on your end.

  5. I was wondering how you did that. Thanks!

  6. I think it must be a blocked site, 'cause I can't see the comments here at work. I will be able to confirm tonight after I get home.

  7. I see 'em!

    They appear for me in
    Firefox, Seamonkey, IE6, and Safari. (I just checked all 4. Because I am REALLY ready to leave work.)

    Although the sidebar did take a few seconds to populate. Perhaps over a slower signal it would take longer?

  8. I keep trying to post a thank you (I've added the RSS feed to my own blog), but I keep getting an error every time I try to post a comment.

    If this ends up being the nth thank you that ultimately shows up, my apologies.

  9. Oh hey, that finally worked!

  10. Yeah, I was trying to post a comment too, and lost three copies of it. Blogger gremlins.

  11. I can see the comments just fine here at home. Fucking bullshit nannyware.

    Not that I have an opinion on it, or anything like that...

  12. Fucking bullshit nannyware.

    Is that a technical term, or a brand name?

  13. Fucking Bullshit Nannyware! I agree. Another of those things that should be filed under "Pile of Steaming Crap!"

    Jim, I'm sorry that my work experiences have caused concern. I promise to stop making phantom waves. Even ex-Navy shouldn't have to deal with phantom waves.

    I still have to use IE6 because I have to deal with software from GE that can't handle IE7 or Firefox (or any MAC browser, for that matter), and I recently went from Java 1.3.1_02 (!) to 1.4.2_15, both past their official lifetime, again because of GE software. So I'll remember how far behind the times I am, and only grouse if I'm at home and Firefox doesn't work.

    Tania, we may need to form a "Nannyware Blockee Support Group". Meetings once a week, with lots of coffee, and tissues.

  14. No particular concern, Tom. I just like to give your coworkers a break once in a while ;)

    And who the hell writes page code for a specific bowser, let alone a browser version? - Oh wait, that's right, military contractors do. Yeah, we were stuck with Netscape, just something else I don't miss.

  15. Medical Software. Recertification. Profits. Pick 2.


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