Monday, March 3, 2008

Not well today

You may have noticed that the posting around here was a bit light over the weekend.

That's because we were at the Iditarod Ceremonial Start in Anchorage on on Saturday, and out on Nancy Lake in Willow all day yesterday for the Restart.

Two days out in the cold and the wind has apparently caught up to me - because I feel like complete crap this morning. Fever and chills and I spent half of last night in the bathroom with a major painful case of acid reflux. So, I'm tired and sick this morning and now that I've got the kid off to school I'm going back to bed.

Also, blogger appears to have been suffering from some kind of illness itself over the weekend. I've got multiple reports that the site has been, uh, a little hammered up. Seems to be working at the moment, at least on my end. Let me know if you're having trouble and I'll see what I can do once I feel less like shit.



  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Don't sweat the Blogger issues--they were having server crashes all weekend, it seemed. Comments lost, "requests" not being processed, error screens full of letters and numbers that don't tell you anything and probably don't mean anything (they just look technical and computerlogical). So there's probably nothing you could do even if you felt better. Which I hope you start doing soon.

  2. Jim, I am glad you weren't abducted ty aliens! Or that you didn't resign in disgust. Stupid Blogger! (no, not you)

    Take care of yourself, and don't worry about posting for us. We'll be much better off if you get yourself well.

    See ya on the flip side!

  3. That sucks, I hope you feel better!

    Visiting the Iditarod start (and restart) is not unlike visiting aliens. Except without those pesky medical instruments.

  4. Sorry you've got the punies. Bleh.

    The site has apparently pulled it's html issues out, though, so yay!

  5. Feel better soon. And remember, being sick is a good excuse for lying on the couch doing nothing but napping and reading. Hopefully you get to do some of the reading bit once get lots of the napping bit and are feeling better!

  6. Jim's not feeling well and he still got up at 7 to tell us about it so we'd know he hadn't been eaten by a grue. How's that for a responsible guy?

  7. Jim got up at 6AM to get the kid ready for school.

    And he still feels like crap, so after this cup of tea he's going offline again for a while. He needs more sleep.

    Apparently whatever funk he's got, is causing him to talk about himself in the 3rd person too. Strange.

  8. Jim is talking about himself in the third person now? Uh-oh.

    Eric is concerned about Jim's symptoms. How is Jim's political career? Is Jim viciously snarky in private and then publicly confused when nobody wants to be Jim's friend? Is Jim talking about (if not actually using) Viagra? Is Jim doomed to the personal tragedy of forever aspiring for a promotion that a majority will never really take Jim seriously for? We know that Jim served his country in the United States Armed Forces, but is Jim also married to a United States Senator?

    If Jim can answer more than two of these questions with a "yes," then Jim might be suffering from the early stages of Bob Dole Syndrome. Eric would suggest Jim see a medical professional as soon as Jim can manage it. And Eric thinks we may need to quarantine Jim--Eric has read that Bob Dole Syndrome may be contagious.

  9. Or it could be a sign to Nathan about his next chapter...

  10. Chapter done. Hah!

    P.S. I almost named my retired CWO 'Jim Wright'. The name's going in the book somewhere, but I'm saving it for someone evil or sniveling or both. :D

  11. Save it for someone fiendishly clever, Nathan. Fiendishly clever, I can do.

    Feeling better, not great, but a little. And now I have to go to the post office, yuck.

  12. Glad you are felling better. Stay in bed.

  13. Can he be fiendishly clever...and evil...and just a little sniveling?

    I already made Tim Pratt into a dumped boyfriend we never meet just because he blogged that he should be a character in every book.


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