Wednesday, March 12, 2008

currently offline

Hey this is the Beast logging on for Jim. He is currently in a struggle of epic proportions with GCI over loss of service of internet and television. With Jim's son Jim on spring break you can only imagine how the battle is raging. More information when it becomes available. The body count is rising along with his blood pressure.


  1. Yo, GCI. Give Jim his fucking internet service back so he can tell us just how much you fucking suck.

    ::I can't fucking wait::

  2. Open Letter to GCI:

    You suck. You are so going to be sorry when the Tinman is through with you. Dumbasses.

    Secret letter to the Beast:

    The check's in the mail. ::wink, wink::

  3. I've been working it behind the scenes too... hopefully my illustrious employer will get its stuff together sufficiently to avoid wholesale death and destruction.

  4. The husband says "Fucking GCI, damn ratty company".

    Apparently GCI is a non-union company, and the spouse is a member of the IBEW.

  5. Wow, I don't think I have heard the word "fucking" used in a sentence that many times sense Jim and I poured gas down the drain is our garage and our dad threw his cigarette in the drain with his face above it.

  6. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on unions, pro or con... even if they're wrong. ;)

    Seriously, I'm well aware of my employer's strengths and flaws, and while I won't bash them in a public forum, I do my best to make things work better from my own perch in the organization.

    For example... this issue of Jim's? It's partially my responsibility, even if I don't work in customer service. You see, the customer service technology projects I manaqe are queued up for years, and perpetually under-resourced and behind schedule.

    If our phone systems had the capability of 1) intelligently playing him information about local outages & issues, and 2) presenting him with an automated message-and-callback service, the customer service situation would have been far less frustrating.

    This capability is planned for later this year... along with many others.

    In the mean time, what he went through would have enraged me too... in fact, I did just go through something like that with Sprint and cancelled my service with them.

  7. Michael, stories from you guys' childhood crack me up. Your folks must have had unusual fortitude.

  8. Hey you kids get off the grass. And while you're at it clean up your fucking language you @#$%^!!!

  9. ::pokes head in, looks around::

    Jim? You home yet? No?

    ::Grinds heal in grass, runs away::

  10. Methinks next time Jim shows up its gonna be very very splodey here.

  11. When I dropped by to see if Jim's head had exploded, my eye was drawn to his sidebar.

    This site may contain profanity.

    May? May? I figure that by the time he can post again his first post about his ISP will sound like a scene from "Boondock Saints" replayed so all the non-cursing is taken out.

    All right. Get your stupid fuckin' rope.


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