Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Persona Non Grata (because he's a dumbass) Updated

Please, disregard the below whiny stupidity.

I was just going to delete this post, but decided not to for various reasons.

I should have known better - However, when I have a migraine coming on I don't think clearly (something about having a spike driven into the space between my eyes)

Scalzi has a post up; it is exactly what you people said it was and not personal.

So again, apologies for acting like a boob.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to lay on the couch with an icepack over my eyes until the kid gets home from school.


Hmmmm, I guess I must have pissed Scalzi off.

My comments no longer appear on the Whatever. Period.

Yesterday I posted a comment and it went into moderation, and eventually showed up hours later. Why I can't fathom, it was an offhand semi-humorous (I thought) comment on the Kodi laser beam post.

Today, I'm history. I posted two comments and zip, goodbye. Comments posted after mine appeared, so I guess he reviewed the queue and found me being an asstard. Can't think of anything I did offhand. Maybe he didn't care for the comments I made here about the 'e', though they weren't directed at him but rather the trolls who've taken up residence there.

Whatever, I guess. Sigh.


  1. Jim, I read the Kodi Laser Beam post and your comment (and the subsequent post where you commented that your post did not show up) were there, in the comments.

    Scalzi puts up with a lot of &*$%heads, and you sir, are no &*$%head.

  2. Ooops, I reread this and realized that you said some of your comments did show up later, I must presume that you meant the Kodi comments showed up.

  3. email him. I'm sure you're being relegated to the spam filter for no good reason.

    I can't imagine he'd give a shit what you said about the "e" and some of its loudest denizens.

  4. I'm with Nathan, it's probably a fluke. Send him a note.

  5. I did, yesterday. No response. He's a busy guy though, so maybe he'll get back to me.

    I don't know, it seems weird. I've been commenting there for years now, and suddenly I'm moderated. Hate to sound like whiny snit, but it just hit me in a funny way.

  6. Actually, I use the same platform as Scalzi - self hosted wordpress - and the out-of-the-box Akismet spam filter has gotten really persnickety lately.

    It spam queued two of my friend Bill's comments, one that had the word sexy in it, and one that had the word ass. Neither of them were in any way inappropriate, none contained links, they were from an email address that had successfully posted many times. He asked me if I'd installed the new, improved PuritanPro Spam Filter. ;)

    Akismet, unfortunately, is not configurable at all that I can find - so I don't know that whitelisting is possible. I just need to put up with the false positives and patrol my spam & moderation queue more often.

    It has caught over 1,000 real comment spam and only about 15 false positives in the last year so it is working. Mostly.

    Gawd, I'm such a geek.

  7. Yes, but the sort of geek we love. :)

  8. That sounds so completely unlike him that it has to be a software malfunction. I've occasionally had innocuous comments of mine disappear too, often with no later appearance. Then other ones show up just fine later on.

  9. I second Jeri,

    Akismet can be a problem. My friend Chris' website got added to Akismet' spam list somehow, so all his comments were dumped into my spam trap. Luckily I caught it, but I'm not sure what he had to do to get it fixed.

    Have you been able to comment on another WP blog that uses Akismet? (Jeri and I both use Word Press) that might tell you if you have a similar problem to my friend Chris.

  10. Yeah, OK, I guess I took it personally - when it does sound like over zealous software.

    I'll email him again. Thanks guy.

  11. Actually, it now appears that at least one of the comments I made showed up this morning.

    Rather obvious that you all are correct and it's a software issue - and I was just being a whiny baby.

    Yeah, sometimes I'm just that way. Should have recognized the symptoms, I get depressive before a migraine - and this morning that's exactly what I've got. Head feels like it's clamped in a vice. Need coffee and Excedrin - more caffeine the better.

  12. Jim, don't let these Scalzi-a-trons fool you.

    Scalzi put you in the spam-trap because he knows that you are currently an agent of the greys. He needs time to fashion his tin-foil hat before he releases your brain-controlling comments from isolation.

    I don't know why you people all have to assume the easiest explanation, i.e., overzealous software. Clearly there's more going on here than meets the eye.

  13. That's strange, I've been an hideous arse-candle pointed directly at him and have dragged comment threads down the tubes, and I'm still able to post. I don't think he's that way. Hell, Fred (formerly Cool Blue) and the various pseudonyms of NJ Soldier are still abel to post, I can't see he would have red-lined you, Jim

  14. I'm going with Janiece's interpretation.

    Like I said I'm sometimes extremely depressive right before a migraine. I usually recognize the symptoms, but last night I didn't. This morning I recognize it for what it was - mostly because my head feels like an angry velociraptor has taken up residence behind my eyes and is digging into my frontal lobes with it's claw and teeth. Maybe my alien implant is on the fritz or something.

    I'm going to be off-line for a while, until the pain pills kick in.

    Again, thanks all.

  15. How many times do I have to tell y'all, foil hats MAGNIFY thought waves, they don't shield them.

    What you really want is a RUBBER cap.

    And maybe a pair of rubber pants too, but I don't want to see those.

  16. Michelle, try to keep up here:

    Head. Pain.

    Rubber cap.

    Please, do not make me laugh. Again. It hurts. ;)

  17. Rubber caps are for safe thinking. Or something. :)

  18. Well, if you can't do a rubber cap, a rubber room might suffice.


  19. Hope you feel better soon, Jim.

    Sort of off-topic, but I can't think of where else I might put it: have you seen what Nathan is putting together at Polybloggimous? I suppose it is on topic, insofar as it seems to me, at least, that you would be persona grata if you signed up.

    Not to put any pressure on, nor that I think pressure would work. Just saying, is all.

    In any case, hope your head stops hurting soon.

  20. Ugh, migraines! As a fellow migraine sufferer, I can totally sympathize. Hopefully you haven't gotten to the dark room (with a bucket beside the bed) point.

    Hope it breaks quickly and you feel better soon!

  21. Yeah,

    Sign up already ya wood-turnin', alien-lurin', trash-talkin', post office=rantin', military-retirin', 11-year-old-wranglin', drivin 70 miles with yer left turn signal on Bastard!

  22. Hopefully you haven't gotten to the dark room (with a bucket beside the bed) point.

    There are other kinds of migraines?!

    I just get the ones where I'm convinced a blood vessel has burst in my brain and I'm dying, but even whimpering hurts too much so I can't call out for help and to wish my loved ones goodbye.

    The throwing up is just to prove that when you though things couldn't get any worse... they get worse.

  23. And sorry about the head Jim. My goal wasn't to make you suffer, but to make you laugh AFTER you got better.

  24. My migraines tend to come with all the trappings except for the head pain. So I get the ocular effects, the extra-strong tinnitus, the random waves of nausea, etc. But my head doesn't usually hurt per se.

  25. I have a couple of weirder migraine symptoms... my speech stumbles and slurs, and I have subjective temperature variations, hot flashes & chills. Thank goodness imitrex (migraine) and phenergan (nausea) work pretty well for me.

  26. Who knew PMS stood for Pre-Migrane Syndrome? ;)

    That susceptibility to take things personally is something I end up watching for in myself, not for PMS of either kind, but when I'm feeling crappy in general. It's crushing to admit, but the world does not, in fact, revolve around me.

  27. Re: The Update -

    I like boobs. Wish mine were perkier, but in general, boobiness is ok.

  28. Huh. Temperature variations.

    As it happens, I also tend to start feeling insanely overheated at about the same time every day. Since every other migraine symptom is also clockworklike, I wonder if that's also related...

  29. Well, to be on topic (very hard for me).

    I'm very light sensitive in general, and when I get migraine type headaches, I have to be in pitch black room. I can tell when they are coming - halos appear.

    No nausea or other symptoms.

    Rest up Jim, and get well. We miss you.


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