Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whack Your Boss

I got 14 out of 14, but then I’m persistent*.





I actually like my boss, a lot. However, I thought you people could use this.


  1. Damned if I could find #14. Guess 13 will have to do. And I like my boss too, especially since he works in a different city to me. On a different island. In a different time zone. I mean, how good is that?

  2. Aha! 14 out of 14! My current boss hasn't made me want to kill him (yet), but I would have enjoyed playing this -- a lot -- at my last job.

  3. Ah, 14/14, perfect score. Don't hate my last boss, just the one before him.

    I think the golf club, flower pot & phone were active in earlier incarnations of this fine game.

  4. 14/14. Now how many of those do I have in my office...

    Wait. I said that out loud. Never mind.

  5. Aw, he got rid of the water cooler. That was one of my favorites!

    Dr. Phil

  6. Glad you guys are enjoying this, it gave me a laugh.

    Howdy, Kelly, glad to see you sticking around. Don't let this bunch scare you. If you like Stonekettle Station, you'll probably like their sites too, please check out the blogroll on the right hand bottom of the main page.

    BTW, your artwork is fantastic.

    The rest of you, go check out Kelly's website right now.

  7. MikeB,

    I'm also stuck at 13- perhaps because it's the weekend and I'm not actually at work.

  8. A weekend without work would be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately I seem to have been on call at weekends since some time back in the '90s.

  9. just remember, anything pointy can be used to stab him. Even if you have to get hold of it first.

    --Shad, who scored 14/14 and declines to use his real name just in case my boss decides to google me. :)

  10. Shad is correct, anything pointy, even if you have to wrestle it away from the boss

  11. Thanks for the tip! The golf club made for a wonderful red herring- I kept trying to use it.

  12. Jim, thank you for the link.

    It ought to be disturbing how rapidly I completed this exercise. Instead I just keep chuckling to myself and fingering a letter opener...



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