Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today’s Search Phrase

“Big Butt Hairy Asshole Woman”


Dude, stop it. Stop it right now.

Or I swear I will hunt you down and make your name public.

Then I’ll email your mom and tell her what you’re doing.

Just stop it.


  1. Yeah, but which of your posts gave up a return to that search? Yeesh, man, I don't really want to know. Remember: "He who is without a hairy asshole turneth the big butt," or words to that effect.

  2. This one - though I'm not exactly sure how. Google works in mysterious ways.

  3. wtf...this just...it doesn't make any sense!

  4. Well, hopefully he stopped to read the thing and got some edumacation in him. Unlike if he'd found his www.bbhaw.net* first.

    *No way I'm spelling it out again. I did my damage here. Subsequent search results are on you.

  5. Man, good thing I've never ended up at Stonekettle from my "chicks with swords" searches. Oh wait...

  6. Having a contest to see who can attract the most wackaloons from old posts??? Hmm??

  7. I just wonder how many times he had to refine his search to try to get to what he wanted. "Big hairy asshole," for instance, probably didn't get him there.

  8. Y'know, there are search terms that I am just afraid to put into the magic Google-machine because I don't want to see the results.

    (For example, one day I googled WANG Computers at work because I wanted to know proper usage for their trade name...hoo baby.)

    Anyway, the searcher has no fetching. And the scary thing is that he might be sitting next to any one of us on our next flight or train ride, looking perfectly normal. :o

  9. Well, I was at home once following up on some quantum mechanics that was in a Greg Egan story I read, and was googling various things about quantum superposition. So, anyway, one of the classic experiments was the double-slit interference result shown by Young, and I made the mistake of typing in, "young double slit" *sigh*


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