Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ask Stonekettle Station

Today’s Google search phrase:

“My cat sheds a ton, pees on the carpet, and claws everything up. Help!”

No problem.

What you want to avoid in this situation is over calibration.  A .22 caliber short should do the trick. If it’s a big cat I’d go as high as a .380. Anything bigger than that is just wasteful.

Hope that answers your question.


  1. Good advice and does cure the problem.

  2. It may be a waste, but it can be quite spectacular.

  3. You know that's helpful advice. My son's cat has taken to peeing on stuff when it feels disgruntled. Since it doesn't really like children, and it lives in a house with four kids under the age of ten, it gets disgruntled a lot. It's peed on the clean clothes on my dresser. It's peed on three of the beds in the house, including mine this morning. It's peed on all the stuffed animals in one of the toy boxes.

    I swear the only person the cat likes is my husband. I'm married to a nuke on the Eisenhower, so he's the one person who's not there most of the time. And he's always telling me what a "sweet" cat it is. That's when I point out he thinks that because he doesn't do the laundry.

    I can't leave it outside. I get angry calls from the ASPCA, reminding me that I signed a contract saying it would be an inside cat. They're afraid she'll get hurt. *sigh* They're about to get that cat back with a note saying they need to find it a home with some little old lady somewhere.


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