Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home Today (updated)

Yep, I’m home today.

The kid is sick.

Flu or a bad cold, looks like.

He wasn’t feeling great yesterday, but insisted on going to school. Yes, this did seem odd.  Later I learned that he didn’t want to miss the “high ropes.”  The high ropes are something new in gym class this year. It’s a climbing thing, with harnesses and pulleys and zip lines and such.  Seems very cool, and I can understand why a 13-year wouldn’t want to miss it.

Just one problem, it’s outside.

And yesterday it was cold and raining as only Alaska at the end of summer can be. Just this last week we’ve got snow a thousand feet down the mountain. The leaves are yellow and falling in great wet soggy piles. The temperature at night is in the low 40’s and there’s distinct chill in the air during the day. Did I mention the cold rain?

So, he went to school not feeling well, and then didn’t have enough sense to stay out of the cold and wet.

And we had a band concert last night on top of things.

This morning he’s running a fever and croaking like a frog.

Yeah, we’ll be seeing the doctor today.

That’ll learn him.

or not.

Well, the good news is that it’s not swine flu.

The bad news is that it’s a fully developed case of strep throat.



  1. That’ll learn him.


    How long have you been the father of a boy-child?

  2. Hmmmm... let's see. Go to school and do something really awesome that he's been looking forward to all year, or stay home and stay in bed with mom or dad clucking over him like a concerned hen (and probably being forced to clean his room since he's 'going to be in there all day, so you might as well be useful).

    Ropes course. Hands down.

    It's like kissing or dancing with the best looking girl in school even though you know her boyfriend is right around the corner and you know he can kick your butt. Some things are worth it.

  3. Whereas, t's like kissing or dancing with the best looking girl in school even though you know her boyfriend is right around the corner and you know he can kick your butt. Some things are worth it.

    Hey you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

    John, hey, it would have taught me a lesson when I was 13...oh, wait. Never mind.

  4. Uh, hey man. The high ropes -- and a band concert -- are way too cool to miss because you happen to feel a little crappy.

    It's better to go to both, so you can infect everyone around you! :-D

    Seriously -- having raised my two (they lived, don't ask me how because I don't know), I sympathize. A lot.

  5. Oi. Strep sucks. Hope the kid feels better soon. (And before he drives his pa nuts....)

  6. oh and you made very logical decisions as a child? Please we all have stories of what we could not miss though we had a limb hanging by a thread or some exotic disease. Sheesh you have become such a "DAD!"

  7. Beastly, I do NOT need you telling my kid stories about my misspent youth.

    Do. Not. Need.

    (Beastly knows things about me. Things that I may have to kill him for. Of course, I know things about him too. And besides, life is much more interesting with Beastly in it. He's available, Ladies, just sayin).

    Speaking of things, Beastly, I just came in from turning a huge piece of soaking wet cottonwood. Why cottonwood? Well, just because. It really needs to dry before I can do much more with it - but it's going to be a very cool piece if I can pull it off.

    Also, bought a Crown skewchigouge from your employer the other day. Should arrive tomorrow. I was feeling adventurous, we'll see how it works on birch.

  8. Get better younger Jim! My son was out with some crud today - he missed two lectures that he really wanted to hear. And Jazz Band. :(

    skewchigouge ???


    Is that like the Sorby Spindlemaster only more at the point? I have an old Shopmate turning set that I was thinking of regrinding into some different scrapers, etc. hmmm Unless they're worth more to someone as a set - they're pretty scummy - got em at a garage sale as a free bonus for taking away some dying furniture.

  9. Yup - teeny little Spindlemaster - that could be seriously handy.

    Thanks, Jim :)

  10. Have fun sharpening that thing. You paid retail? I suppose if you need to use something other than a real skew chisel it may come in handy. A better choice in my book is the Alan Lacer Skew. Big fat skew with square body and rounded cutting edge. Crown makes that too but I have yet to buy one. Still like my Crown 1" skew. Funny story, someone left a Eucalyptus log in my brother's front yard the other day. I had to pitch it on big trash day though because I don't like turning medicine. Have fun with the Cottonwood.

  11. Yes, yes, I paid retail. Didn't want to bother you with it. Saw a guy using one the other day, very versatile tool. Thought it might come in handy for spindle and knob turning. Also finials.

    Turning medicine, snork!

  12. Yay for no swine flu!

    Boo for strep throat!

    Hoping the kid feels better soon - I feel his pain.

  13. Oh yes the trials and tribulations of being your friend are so horrible. I'd be insulted if I thought this was anything more than an impulse buy. Enjoy it and drop the "didn't want to bother you" crap. Sheesh.

  14. Well, it was only $40 with free shipping. Wasn't worth bothering with. Besides I'm saving your for the FESTOOL.


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