Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sick (updated and updated again and yet again)

I'm horribly sick today.

I left work early and came home around noon. Went to bed with the cold shakes and slept for the last 6 hours, I feel like I could sleep for 16 more. Shakes and the fever do seem to be gone at this point though. I'm sitting here drinking about a gallon of cranberry juice, then I'm probably going back to bed.

Wife, kid, houseguests, and internet people will just have to fend for themselves tonight.

Updated: Um, thanks for the email, but I'm pretty sure it's just plain old regular flu, not the H1N1 variety. Yes, I know swine flu is all over the Valley. If I'm not better tomorrow, I'll sacrifice a pork chop to the pig god and go see the doctor. Thanks for the concern.//Jim

Updated 2: OK, that's just creepy. Just as I hit publish on the above update, the phone rang and it was the School District PAO calling about Swine Flu in the schools.

If I see a pig walk under a ladder at midnight, I'm going to get very concerned.


I'm feeling better this morning.

I slept something like 16 hours. Sore throat is mostly gone, along with the weird white coating in my mouth. Joint pain mostly gone - and that was really unpleasant, my damaged shoulder and knees were burning there for a while. Fever and the shakes are gone. Headache is gone.

And I'm starving.

So, things are looking up, guess is wasn't the piggy flu after all.

Which is good, since I have a meeting first thing this morning. Speaking of which, gotta go. See you all later, and thanks for the kind thoughts and well wishes.


  1. bleh. been there, feel better soon!

  2. I just sacrificed a bowl blank in your honor, you should be back on top of it all by tomorrow ;)

  3. See, ya get a real job, and just like how kids get sick right after school starts every year with all the germ swapping on the playground, you come down with whatever is going around the base.

    There is something going around down here that is flu-like, but not swine-ish. Conventional wisdom has always said if you were running a fever you were still contagioius. But a nurse friend of mine was told she could go back with lowgrade fever of just under 100, because she'd had it longer than 72 hours. Huh?? Her husband was pissed because she did go back, even though she still felt like crap.

    So, morale of the story, stay home as long as you need to. Fell better soon...lots of chicken soup for you.


  4. I'll sell you some sick leave, Civil service can do that ya know

  5. Icky. Must have been the pumpkin beer.

    You know, you could have the ebola. Better stay home.

    Wendy, that goes on the assumption that all virii are highly virulent in the beginning of the infection (they're reproducing like mad! Which causes many pieces to be shed - HIV does this as well) but after a certain amount of time your body's immune system begin suppressing it and the virus loses its virility (reproduces slower in the host). Not all virii behave this way so it is best to wait until the temperature goes down,

  6. Well, Steve, that's what I'd always heard as well. RNF was more than a little concerned when ordered back to work, as she works in the post-op recovery unit of a children's hospital. But back she went!!

    I fully agreed with her outraged husband that they would want sick staff coming back before they were physically ready and able to do their jobs. WTF???

    And I'm getting my regular flu shot as soon as the Kroger down the street gets it in, and I still have money in hand. Which is supposed to be this week some time.
    Not taking any chances this time!!


  7. You know Jim, I keep wondering whether or not you totally wasted your highly infectious state of being.

    Tell us the truth. Did you plant a wet one on anyone at work before you went home?


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