Saturday, September 26, 2009


Three days ago, FBI agents arrested an Afghan immigrant named Najibullah Zazi on suspicion of terrorism.

Specifically, the FBI charged Zazi and three of his friends with plotting to detonate improvised hydrogen peroxide bombs in New York City on the anniversary of 911.

The FBI is being credited with breaking up a significant terrorist operation in both Denver and NYC.


It’s a measure of the last ten years that when I first read this I immediately thought, “He’s innocent.”

I immediately thought: here we go again, terrorists, al-Qaida, Pakistan, New York, 911, bomb plot.  Sure. They’ll hold him for six or seven years. Then it’ll turn out that either the intel is so classified we can’t prosecute him, or the FBI doesn’t actually have any proof at all that he’s really anything other than a funny sounding foreign taxi driver. They’ll drop the charges. He’ll sue. Yadda yadda.


Now as the case firms up and more information is released it does appear that Zazi is actually who the FBI says he is and that he does appear to be guilty of what they allege he is.

And it appears congratulations are in order for the FBI and that it is nice to see the Federal Bumbling Idiots actually get one right once in a while.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of new trend, shall we? 

Maybe ten years from now when the FBI says they’ve caught a terrorist the first thing I’ll think is, “Good on ya, fellas, way to go.”

God, I hope so.


  1. Also had that feeling when it was announced, "Here we go again." The difference here is that they didn't arrest him as he was in the talking/boasting phase, they arrested him after purchasing large quantities of items to convert (note to terrorists, Sam's Club sells HO in two 32oz brown containers for $2) and traveling to possible targets. And the thought is he actually has already constructed a device (I'm assuming from checking inventory of purchased items to recovered items).

    Now, if it turns out all he was doing was running a second hand beauty products distribution thing for underground hair salons, well then, it'll be situation normal.

  2. However this plays out, I hope the guy doesn't achieve too much notoriety, because in a few years I expect to use his name as my ringer in games of "Terrorist or Star Wars character?" So fun to say, and as a bonus it goes great with the Yale fight song: "'bullah Zazi; 'bullah Zazi..."

    (You see why I don't join in political debates at Whatever?)

  3. Jeff,

    Perhaps we could claim thoselast three Star Wars movies as terrorist acts.....

  4. The reaction on local news here has been, "Holy Shit! This one seems to actually be real". (This hasn't stopped them from breathlessly reporting every false alarm they could get their hands on for the last 8 years.)

    They keep harping on the fact that the "Warning memos" from Homeland Security didn't change, but "inside sources" kept telling reporters to actually pay attention this time.

    I still don't know what to make of it all.

  5. Jim,

    You captured just how I felt (feel) too!!

    Of course, imagine what a day 12 Sept 2001 would have been if our government had acted with the same skill, coordination and mission as they (apparently) have during this case?!?!

    Richard Clarke was right about 11 Sept; our "government failed" us.


  6. And, so far, no use of the waterboard is reported!!



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