Friday, September 4, 2009

Better and Thank You

I will not, apparently, die of the Ebola after all.

Though, for a while there, I sort of wished that I would. Sooner, rather than later.

I’ve been pretty sick for the last couple of days. Flu, I guess, which morphed into a massive head cold.  Compounded by the fact that I needed to work through a lot of it, instead of being home in bed.  Yesterday was just plain excruciating and by the time I got home last night I was ready to douse myself in gasoline and jump flaming from the highest point I could find.

I am better this morning.  I’m left with a persistent cough, but the feeling that my head was pressurized to fifty atmospheres with mucus and fire ants is thankfully gone.

I’m taking today off from work to spend with my friends and catch up on a few things.

Regular snarky posting here on Stonekettle Station should resume shortly.


One thing I need to take care of right now though is a couple of thank yous (what in the hell is the plural of "Thank You?”).

First, thanks to Stonekettle Station readers Ed and Janine, who invited my wife and myself to a BBQ at their house in Wasilla last weekend.  We had a very good time, and really enjoyed meeting Ed and Jan – both funny and interesting people (seriously, Jan served in the British Royal Navy, she’s got stories).  We really wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to get to the airport in Anchorage in order to pick up friends. Ed is a hell of photographer and has his own site called Following the Dream, here.  Anyway, I meant to say thanks at the beginning of the week, but I was overcome by the Ebola.

Second, thanks to Stonekettle Station reader, occasional commenter, and fellow Alaskan, Dave, who lives down on Prince of Wales Island.  Dave and I talk via email, though we’ve never met in person.  He happens to be friends with Ed and Jan, and he sent up a bottle of Bushmill’s for Ed to give to me at last week’s BBQ.  Any guy who gives Irish as a gift is OK in my book. Dave is also an outstanding photographer, his site, Alaskan Adventures, is here.

I’m hoping that one of these days we can all get together.


OK, now I need to get caught up on a few things and fix breakfast for my guests.

More later.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, Jim. I'm still coughing up remnants of the sinus infection from hell, so I empathize.

  2. Ditto on the "glad you're feeling better."

  3. Glad you're feeling better.

    Did hear on the news this morning that Alaska & Georgia have the highest rates of H1N1 in the country. Even better, the local hospitals are saying if you've got the flu in Georgia right now, its of the Swine variety, other strains are not active yet and right now its most active in the school systems. I'm staying away from kids this weekend!

    All of which makes me very glad I figured out that this scratchy throat & ears I've had all week is an allergy attack and NOT any type of flu! Heading out for allergy med reinforcements here in a few and hoping I can prevent it from turning into a sinus infection!

  4. Glad you survived the ebola outbreak!! Great to meet you and your wife and apologies that you didnt get to partake of the actual BBQ, Rances bacon wrapped halibut is delish.
    Hopefully we can all get together again sometime, right now we're trying to move out of this monster of a house and away from the first Alaskan that i've met that doesnt like dogs (hes taken to poisoning the local mutts to stop them pishin on his flower beds)

  5. Yes, good to hear you're feeling better Jim.
    It was a pleasure meeting you two and we'll have to meet up again for hike somewhere.

  6. We'll be in Hatcher's Pass today, around noon. We're hiking the Archangel Mine Trail, staring at the Reed Creek parking area.

    Just finished an Alaskan breakfast of sourdough french toast and caribou sausage. Now I've got to go get ready for the hike.

  7. JarheadJournalist: i for got my password.
    glad your up and running agian i was out drinking in dc last night with an old Navy chief and a bunch of guppies from the school house here they all sent their best regards. I've got alot of leave banked up and a fairly nice bonus coming my way just say when and where the meeting is going and i'll be there.

  8. Jim....instead of the Irish, if ya drank Wild Turkey when feel some kinda sickness coming on your down-time would be great reduced.

  9. Oh man, I was up in Archangel today also, only headed up to the end past Lane Prospect, almost to the glacier. Saw quite a few people heading up to go skiing on the glacier there. Thinking of going again come Monday to hike all the way up, I ran out of time, and didn't plan on going that far today.

  10. Good. You survived the dreaded flu. Which one, I wonder.

    And the plural of thank you is 'I would like to express my thanks to.... (insert list of names here).'


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