Monday, September 7, 2009

Still Alive

Apologies for the lack of posting.

I'm sort of on an unplanned hiatus here.

As I've mentioned, we've got old friends staying here at Stonekettle Station and I have a limited amount of time to spend with them. We've been off exploring Alaska, drinking beer, and eating way too much.

Jeff and his wife, June, are planning on retiring out of the Coast Guard to Alaska here in the next year and we're off looking at property and houses in the Valley for them. I can't tell you how much it tickles me that they'll be living near us.

And on that note, we're off to look at some places this morning, and then heading out to explore a couple of the local glaciers. I'll take pictures. Sooner or later you'll all get a travelogue of this last week's adventure.

Be patient.


Note, I have been posting occasionally tidbits on Twitter and the odd picture or two. So, I'm not completely offline. Just sayin'.


  1. It's alive!!

    Good, we won't have to worry about rescuing the critters and chocolate.

  2. Warrant, you have been sadly slacking in your entertain-the-internets obligations and responsibilities. We, the end users, are grievously disappointed and know you're capable of doing better, much better, than this.

    In the future, please make a more concerted effort to remember your fans, stalkers and trolls. I don't want to have to have this talk with you again; next time, it could result in some, err, impact to your Internet service to get your attention.


    A concerned fan


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