Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bumper Stickers That Are Gonna Look Real Stupid...

...in about three days.

And, in fact, look pretty damned dumb right now.

"Our Mama Is Going To Beat Your Obama!"

Yeah, have fun scraping that off your back window next Wednesday.


  1. I'm not sure the moment ever existed when that one didn't look stupid.

  2. Bestine. Bestine helps.

    Of course, it's pretty damned cold out. Bestine won't help with that.

  3. Yeah, I'm with Nathan, I can't picture a moment in which that wouldn't look like it was manufactured in the short bus...

  4. And that one is also available as a t-shirt - though I don't know anyone who'd wear one. They might be good for soaking up oil spills, or something. Tears. Scrubbing lipstick off'n your pit bull, maybe. Yeesh...

  5. (Comment embargoed until 0700PST Wed 05Nov08)

    How long until we see "Impeach Obama" stickers? My wife guessed three months. I think they're in pre-press right now.

  6. KARL? Oh no, it's Karl!

    Sorry Jim, he's one of mine, kinda sorta. He's actually one of Cat's and she's one of mine (the woman I married, actually).

    Karl - back to your hidey hole on the hill. Shoo, shoo! :)

    Oh, and pet your kitties and tell Alexander "Hi".

  7. Hey, YOU'RE the one that gave me directions - don't try ditching me now. ;)

    'Sides, I'm still oglin' those bowls so I can get some ideas for Yule goodies to make.

    Styopa says hi - he remembers your catpersoness.

  8. Had to do a double-take today...

    1/2 Off?

    Only half??

  9. Well, I understand that you can get a Bush/Cheney T-shirt for 75% off, but you've got to act right now...

  10. heh heh - 'nucular' shirts with pellet holes in undisclosed locations?

  11. I was thinking they'd make good shop rags, then I realized - no, they'd probably be better for making a mess, rather than cleaning one up.


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