Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm a Hybrid

36 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection


  1. I got 33.5, and qualify as a hybrid. And I told the truth!

  2. And I'm 30mpg, a mid-sized sedan. With the truth. Yeah, right.

    Reminds me of whenever I rent a car. "We've UPGRADED you to an SUV!" ::bright smile::

    "Then have you UPGRADED me to you filling up my gas tank for me, free?"

  3. ok, compared to all of you I'm a slug at 26.8, I'm a mid-size...


  4. Speaking of things that could make you lose your Hybrid status...

    Did you try the Pumpkin Pie bar? I can't stand Pumpkin Pie, but John and my dad both love it. I'm thinking about getting them some. Any thoughts?

  5. Pumpkin Pie Bar? What Pumpkin Pie Bar?

    Oh, you mean that box of empty licked clean wrappers? Those pumpkin pie bars? mmmmmmmmm.

    Oh, and the booze flavored caramel? Yeah, those last about ten seconds.

  6. You snarfed them all down and still scored as a Hybrid? I'm impressed!

    Isn't the salt on top of the scotch carmels just the perfect complement? Ummm.

  7. Oh God yes.

    Best unsolicited gift ever.

  8. Unsolicited?

    Ahem, you WHINGED that you didn't get any, and I said I'd get you some once the weather in CA cooled off enough so Nina could use USPS for her shipping.

    But, you know, I have a fabulous Jim Wright original in my living room, so I still think I got the good end of the deal. Right now it's being used to hold pens.

  9. Snort! You guys are too funny. Those scotch bars are divine and I'm glad that Mr. Hybrid got to try them. ;)


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