Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holy Freakin' Crap!

I've been busy.

I just looked at the poll results.

Holy Shit.

I expected Obama to win, I didn't expect it to be a landslide.


More, later.


  1. Jim, you're missing a hell of a chat session.

    Michelle, nice icon!

  2. Not a lot of words right now, the landslide still soaking in , but did Bush screw up so bad that he made people want to REALLY fix things?
    Excellent! :)
    Yeah, I'm choked up a little here. The possibilities...

  3. I'm still not quite breathing normally yet, any typos are the fault of tears of joy, and the President-Elect is about to take the stage NOW.

    Here in Atlanta we've been getting live feeds from Ebenezer Baptist Church with the King family, Rev. Al Sharpton, et al, celebrating.


  4. Along with a popular majority. Gotta love that. Some people over at Whatever are going to have to stop using some of their arguments.

  5. Steve, they won't, of course.

    I've finally decided that what I really don't like about the Whatever is precisely that - the nature of the commenters. Strangely, the commenters are what drew me to Scalzi's site in the first place, people like you, and Chang, and Janiece, and Dr Phil. People used to disagree, but they did it respectfully, intelligently, and with class. The comments were funny and entertaining and insightful, many of them anyway. Now, now it's more and more the same assholes who comment everywhere else. Scalzi could say the sky is blue and some dickhead just has tell him and the rest of us why it's only that way because the Supreme court illegally made it that way from the bench.

    The Whatever trolls are just stupid and ignorant - like the one the other day who was arguing that California isn't a republic. It's like reading a Walter Wagner post, or a COS screed.

    It puts me off and takes a lot of the pleasure out of the site for me.

  6. While I agree the trolls and demi-trolls over on the Whatever can be tiresome, trolling through their comments (so to speak) provides a reality check. Which is why I listen to some of the conservative talk radio commenters locally, too.

    Besides, there's always the everlovin' bacon discussions on the Whatever... (grin)

    But I do enjoy coming around Stonekettle Station and reading both the serious and decidedly not-so-serious discussions here.

    Dr. Phil

  7. Well, I do admit that I find a few of the trolls funny,

    Like the guy the other day who kept slamming Scalzi, and then told him John should "go elsewhere." Duh, the troll didn't even realize that the guy he was attacking was the owner of the site. Miserable stupid. Amazing stupid. Stupid to a stupendous degree.

  8. I think that overall he's been handling the trolls a lot better lately. And yes, some of them are pretty amazingly stupid. ;)

  9. Oh, I agree. To some extend he's back to his old self, not completely but better than he was for a while.

    But the sheer number of trolls there now is annoying. The price of popularity, I guess.


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