Monday, November 10, 2008


  1. IS this because you have nothing to say this morning? OR is this a "snow" post?
    I thought only Nathan hit the button early?

  2. That's up there with Robot Chicken's episodes.
    That made my morning, almost made up for the snow!


  3. I think the reason that poor man couldn't hold down a job was society's fault:

    His training was not complete.

  4. I retract my earlier comment, as nothing loaded for me when i originally visited. It had the date...and nothing more.

    Now i can plainly see that there is indeed a post here...my bad :(

  5. Do you like dogs?



  6. The puppy died bravely while dealing with a Sith--which means he's one with the Force now, glowy and blue. Ghost puppies are awesome!

  7. You know, I never had anything cool like that happen when I worked for a temp agency.

    Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. Hmm.

  8. What? No cracks about that being the worst Dick Cheney impression ever?

    .... i'll get my coat.


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