Friday, November 7, 2008

A question for Michelle Obama Googlers

I'm busy this morning and don't have time at the moment for a lengthy post.

Besides, Friday stats suck anyway, since most of you are busy making up the work that you should have been doing all week instead of surfing the internet (not that I'm complaining, I appreciate that you prefer to read my site instead of actually doing the things you're paid for, I do, really. Thank you).

But, I do have a question for those of you surfing into Stonekettle Station from Google.

And in particular, those of you who keep running the search phrase "Michelle Obama Posture."

Seriously, Michelle Obama's posture?

I don't get it. What exactly are you looking for?

1/25/09 Update: This continues to be one of the most common search strings landing on Stonekettle Station. I get twenty to thirty hits for this each day. Michelle Obama Posture. I gotta tell you people, I still don't get it.

I especially don't get that a major of searchers appear to be women. Seriously? The First Lady is highly educated, articulate, involved, outspoken, and apparently a class act and a fine role model for young women everywhere - and the only thing you're concerned about is her posture?

Men aren't the only judgmental chauvinists on the planet I see.


  1. Probably a misspelling of "posterior" -- you know, for those fancy-talk porn surfers...

  2. Well, OK, maybe that I could understand. It's disturbing, be yeah, OK, everybody to their own fetish.

    But, posture? WTF?

    I've got 20, 30 different search hits for "michelle obama posture" since Tuesday. That exact phrase every time, from all over the country. I. Don't. Get. It.

  3. And speaking of porn surfers, if I see one more search for "Sarah Palin Naked" I'm going to need a tranquilizer. Seriously? ::shudder::

  4. Well Jim, It's obviously you're own damned fault. What's the post they're being linked to?

  5. Hey, your site is the first listing on a google search for Michelle Obama's posture

    There is method to your madness!

  6. Mostly Jerry, there's just madness to my madness. ;)

  7. The answer?

    Remember what I said in the previous post?

  8. I typed it in because I was curious to see whether anyone else has noticed that Mrs. Obama has crappy posture, and doesn't carry herself very well. She often stands with her legs apart and toes inward - like a guy would. It drives me nuts!

  9. Thanks, Susan. I appreciate the honest answer.

  10. Oh... bloody hell people. To "posture" is "to develop a policy or stance". If one is asking about Michelle Obama's 'posture' they are not frakking asking about her spine, but her brain!!!

  11. Sasha, the previous comment would seem to indicate that you're wrong.

    So do the search strings.

  12. I agree w/Susan's comment. I've noticed that she slouches but nobody seems to be talking about this. I wanted to know if anyone else noticed that she does not have proper upright posture.

    I recognize it's a weird thing to Google, but I just wanted to know! LOL

  13. Regardless of politics or anything else - Michelle Obama has no style or grace.

    She walks like an Irish farmer navigating a bog.

    Her posture is abysmal; she has no clue how to sit like a lady.

    She stands legs akimbo like she is being strip searched.

    Her fashion sense is horrendous, her hair is a disaster (on most days)

    She needs about 6 months in finishing school to learn how to comport herself as befits a First Lady.

  14. What disturbs me about her slumping shoulders, is that she is role-modeling this bad posture for the girls of America. I am a very tall woman and my daughter is also very tall. Why should a young girl bother to stand tall if the first lady does not even bother to do it? Also, a person's posture (male or female) has a significant effect (rightly or wrongly) on the impression that they make in the world. In a tall woman, it is especially noticeable. As she goes out in the world, Micelle Obama should be standing proud (or what looks to be proud) because she is an ambassador of sorts to other countries. No one can tell me that a slumping person conveys the same message of strength and pride that is conveyed by a person who stands fully upright.

  15. Ah, caught me.

    Call me a judgmental if you must, but studies have been done about the way people perceive body language, and the way Michelle holds herself gives the distinct impression of low confidence and insecurity. While she may be well educated, intelligent, and have good ideas, there is a lot to be said for presentation. Her husband got elected, in part, because he is a great speaker...as have many successful leaders around the world. Michelle wants to represent her country and interests but when she stands on a podium and slouches and hides her face with her hair, she is making it much harder to garner support and enthusiasm.

    A lot of media outlets went to great lengths to present the Obamas as the new Kennedys, going on about how graceful and strong and well dressed Michelle is. I agree that there are a lot of great things about her but the first thing I notice in many pictures is how uncomfortable she looks, not what designer made her current outfit.

  16. Her posture ruins her looks.

  17. I agree that her posture ruins her looks for me, but otherwise she's beautiful and I think some of ya'll are making a mountain out of a mole hill. But I was just wondering if anyone sensible talked about this or if I was just picking at things. I guess I was just picking at things because I landed on page after page of utter absurdity.


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