Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Video Selection

Yeah, yeah, I know Fridays are supposed to be about catbloggin' - but technically that's more like a guideline than what you'd call actual law.

I'm listening to Tracy Chapman this morning as I try to achieve the correct mental Zen for the current chapter of Iyes of the Dead - which is kicking my ass.

I may have mentioned somewhere that I'm a huge Chapman fan - I love this woman's voice and lyrics and could listen to her music endlessly. The following, Telling Stories, is probably my favorite - but that's like choosing from a box of high quality of chocolates, it really doesn't matter what you pick because they'll all terrific (well, except for those stinking coconut ones. I hate coconut). Watch the video carefully, more than once, it's incredibly subtle.

Oh, and there's a cat in the video, so technically I am meeting the catbloggin' requirement. Just sayin' is all.

Then there's Talking Bout a Revolution, and this being one of my favorite mixes:

And finally, You're the One For Me, from the Austin City Limits concert - and the backup band is just freakin' terrific.

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to push at least 2000 words through the blender this morning - hopefully 500 of them will actually stick.


  1. I see none of you are Tracy Chapman fans.


    More for me. Woohoo!

  2. It's not that I'm not a fan. It's simply that there is nothing here upon which I felt like commenting.

    Please be more controversial next time.

  3. Well, hell, Michelle, that never stopped you before...


  4. I do like her music, but as I'm working in a real office today, as opposed to my sunroom office at the house, I felt if best not to take a listen as their are still clients in the office...

    Trying to be civil and all that.


  5. I love Chapman, but can't watch YouTube videos from work. More for you, indeed.

  6. But you gotta have something to set me off Jim.

    This material just wasn't up to my non sequitur standards apparently.

    Oh... look! Shiny!

  7. Now, see (literally): when I can watch the Austin City Limits clip at home, I can express my wholehearted approval over your taste in performance. Thank you! Tracy Chapman rocks!

  8. I too adore Tracy Chapman (have since her first album), but the first two videos are no longer available. :( I shall have to seek out alternate means of viewing them

    However, I'm enjoying the Austin City Limits song right now - fantastic indeed!

    Have you heard her cover of "Stand By Me"? Fantabulous.

  9. There are other Tracy Chapman fans in the world? Who'd have thunk it?

    Thanks for the videos Jim!



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