Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow Day, again

For the next couple of hours, I will be outside, moving snow for the second time this week.

Despite the fact that I have a very large driveway, it usually doesn't take me long to clean it out with the ATVs, however today will be a pain.

The roof of the shop had about a foot of snow on it yesterday. This is generally a good thing, as the snow helps further insulate the already well insulated building and reduces my heating requirements. However, the roof of the shop is steel, and colored dark brown, and absorbs heat. Again, this is normally a good thing. Except yesterday, when in the afternoon it warmed up enough to cause the entire 3500square foot expanse to unload, WHOOMPF! all at once.

So, this morning I have a three foot deep mound of snow, fifty feet long, down each side of the shop. Since the snow was wet, and fell from thirty feet up and was moving when it hit the ground, and then froze solid last night, it is now a rock-solid, compacted ice berm.

And I have to move it.

That's going to take a shovel, the ice spud, and both the small maneuverable ATV, followed by the big powerful ATV, and maybe the big snow thrower.

While I'm not particularly thrilled about this, I am looking forward to the exercise - though it means I'll no doubt be in pain later.

Now, I do realize that me telling you that I'm going to go move snow constitutes the bloggy content equivalent of soybean filler. I do have a big post on the auto-industry bailout about half done, however, occasional commenter Rick, the jerk, called me and interrupted my thought process. And now, I'm about out of time, I've only got a couple hours of relative warmth and daylight, so I need to go take care of the snow. Now.

So, it's soybean filler for now. You can blame Rick.

But you know, I consider putting you all on a diet today my civic duty anyway, since tomorrow you're all going to stuff yourselves like the gluttons you are. I know I sure will.

Enjoy your day.

More later.


  1. Thanks a lot, Rick.

    Inconsiderate bastard.

  2. Ugh! One berm moved. Holy crap, that's a lot snow. And the drive is plowed. Now for the other berm.

    But first, I managed to break the pull cord on the big snow blower. Damn it all to hell. Now I've got to go fix that before I can tackle the rest of the snow.

    Crap. Crap. And for good measure, Crap.

  3. All problems can be solved by the appropriate application of high explosives.

  4. Absolutely, and at the moment I'm seriously considering that solution.

    The snowblower is tango uniform. The recoil assembly is irreparable. I'll have to order a new one. This does not make me happy.

  5. t.u.?

    tits up?

    Would you like some pie? I have a finished pumpkin, and a sweet potato on the oven. I'd much rather give pie to you than my in-laws. ;)

  6. I was very, very happy to sell my snow blower in a yard sale upon leaving AK. I currently do not own a snow shovel and do not have an ice scraper in my car. (Murphy's law will get me for that latter omission, I'm sure.)

    I hope you're able to get your replacement part pronto.

  7. Hee! Thanks for the translation, Michelle.

    Happy Thanksgiving Jim. I'm thankful we have the magic of the internet to bring us your colorful and entertaining posts.

    The latest photo on your header is *gorgeous*!

  8. Michelle, that is indeed the correct translation of Tango Uniform.

  9. Pie what is all this about pie? The Pumpkin Cheesecake came out perfect this year. Three inches thick while baking and settled into an inch and 1/2 of creamy pumpkiny graham crackery goodness. And yes there will be much gut stuffing today of smoked and roasting turkey and all the fixins. I love Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Oh and it's 70ish out and rain for the first time since my arrival here. Take that snow removal boy!

  11. All,

    I enjoyed our conversation and recall that I was the one who had to cut it off since the phone battery was beeping. From our conversation however, I'm looking forward to see Jim's post. When he gets his duff moving that is.



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