Sunday, August 3, 2008

This week's Alaskan Panorama is...

the Friday Fling - i.e. the Palmer, Alaska Friday market.

Clicking on the photo will take you to a higher resolution version in my Picasa Album. And for a while it's the site banner up there on top of the page.

Beastly is somewhere in this photo, do you see him?


  1. Hm...big ole guy at the Kettle-Korn booth?

  2. Y'know John, I was just noticing many of the people in that shot looked like they could've been transplanted from WV.

  3. Hey now, be nice, John - because the expression on her face says pretty clearly that she's not putting up with any of our bullshit, plus I'm pretty sure she could wipe the floor with both of us.

    Oh, and just in case that was a guess, no, she's not Beastly. Just saying.

  4. The guy in the yellow shirt and light-colored ballcap walking past the kettle korn, looking at it?

  5. Darn, you've got a good eye, MWT! Nice panorama, Jim. I can almost smell the Kettle Korn.

  6. I meant the "guy" at the kettle korn booth, Jim, with her back to us - the hair's a little long for a guy. I was busting on Janiece.

    But yeah, the other big ol' gal has a no-nonsense look on her face.


  7. Ah.

    Yeah, I see.

    Well, I have been called a moron this week, so you know...


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