Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bachelor Thursday

Well, we had a pretty good day at the Wasilla Market yesterday.

We sold about a third of our inventory, mostly the mid-range stuff, which is far better than we thought we'd do. We made a tiddy sum and were pretty dammed happy with the whole thing. But by the time I got home I was starting to feel like I had just returned from a scouting mission up the Shaat al Arab. I had enough energy left to sit on the couch for an hour and watch a little History Channel and the Olympics daily summary on the news channel and not much else. Ten hours of interfacing with customers just drained the life right out of me.

I'm still feeling tired this morning, I'd have gone to bed earlier last night but I was waiting for a call from my wife. She flew out of Anchorage yesterday, headed to Juneau. And this morning she's on her way to Ketchikan, where she'll catch a float plane to this place. Technically this is a business trip. Technically. The company she works for sends a couple of their most valuable customers to the Boardwalk Lodge every year and Becky is going along as the company's rep. She loves fishing and she deserves it, she does. It's a week of fly fishing and gourmet food at one of the best lodges in the world. It's the Mecca of sportsman the world over. And she's getting paid to go.

Jealous? Me? You have no idea. Seriously. Bald faced, green eyed envy - that's me.

Beastly, the kid, and I intend to eat cheese burgers and macaroni and cheese for the next week in protest. We'll probably go to strip clubs and get tattoos as well. Oh, yes, I'm just a wee bit jealous.

I've got to run into Anchorage and pick my wife's jeep up from the airport. So, I'll be gone for a couple of hours. When I get back I'll get out pictures and email to those folks I owe bowl stuff to. And I'll put up a post with our remaining inventory.

Back in a bit, don't touch anything while I'm gone.


  1. ..puts on gloves, examines the .44 for cylinder wobble, looks about for the Mossberg...

  2. Cylinder wobble? It's a Colt, John, there ain't no wobble. And the Mossberg is in the shop. Bears, you know, just in case.

  3. I'm REALLY CLOSE to your tools!




  4. I'm not worried, Michelle. Most of the really dangerous tools are out of your reach. Bawahahahahahahaha!

    Short jokes, I've got a million of them - because I'm married to a women who's like a real wife, only smaller - and safely a thousand miles away at the moment :O

  5. and now I'm leaving for Anchorage.

    Yes, I am.


    I'm going.

    Right now.


  6. "married to a women"

    I always suspect Jim was a Mormon.


  7. And even Colts get wobble if you fire too many Magnums through them...

  8. (drags a chair across the room)

    (fills bucket with cold water)

    (places water above door so Jim gets soaked when he opens the door)

    (drags chair back to where it belongs)

  9. *poofs in on the sofa well away from any tools, guns, or doors*

    Glad to hear that the market thing went well. :)

    Hey, these chocolates are up for grabs, right? Right?

  10. (yells from across the room)

    Save a chocolate for me!


  11. *Sees bear, racks a shell into the chamber of his Mosin carbine.*

    "Careful, Michelle, there's no safety on this rifle!"

  12. I'm assuming you want me to be careful for *your* safety as opposed to me own?

  13. Whatever works. ;-)

    Somehow, I find the notion of you around a Mosin a little frightening.


  14. It's amazing how well you know me from only these virtual interactions.

  15. (looks really guilty)

    OK. OK. I did it.

  16. *Looking up from the rifle that's still trained on the Grizzly who's looking to see if eating dog really does cure a cold*

    Like hell. Firearms and practical jokes don't mix. And see? Michelle's got the bruise on her shin from where when she ran into the chair while putting that bucket up there.

  17. ::drying clothes and hair with towel, eying chocolate fingerprints on the colt, computer screen, couch, fridge, walls, cats...::

    Veeerrry funny. I can't leave you guys alone for two minutes.

    ::squish, squish, squish::

  18. "eyeing chocolate fingerprints on the colt"

    That was also Michelle - notice I put on gloves to keep my prints off of the thing.

    The cats, I'll cop to - can't resist petting a cat.

  19. can't resist petting a cat

    Ah, that would explain the blood spatter.

    I, uh, should have warned you about The White One. Sorry.

  20. Heh, my advisor had a cat like that, and it would curl up on my lap for the night every time he had a get-together. He said it was a sign I was evil...

  21. That was also Michelle - notice I put on gloves to keep my prints off of the thing.

    If you believe that John was actually crazy enough to let me near a gun, then you deserve the chocolate finger prints!

  22. yeah. The White One has the personality of a bent shitcan, as I've noted elsewhere. He hates everybody, if you try to pick him up he goes completely rigid and sticks his legs straight out, claws extended.

    Except - Beastly. The damn cats is fascinated with Beastly. We do not know why. It follows him around the house mewling piteously, and jumps into Beastly's lap at every opportunity.

    Do I need to mention that Beastly is allergic to cats? No?

  23. ::scrubbing away fingerprints with Formula 409. Ignoring, Michelle and her dirty little fingers. Hums to himself, what's that song? Something by Randy Newman...:::

  24. I unloaded it first! And she only dropped it on her foot once....

  25. Jeesh! I get blamed for everything! John is, like, totally worse than my brother!

    Besides, I have an alabi!

    I was busy editing videos of cute babies! Look! See! They're on my blog!


  26. Cute Baby Videos. Oh sure. Fight dirty. Fine. I'm leaving.

    Actually, I am leaving. I've got to take my son up to school for orientation night. Wee.

    But, we just got a call from my wife, she just got off the float plane and is on the island. Cool.

    ::grumble::On the other hand, cell phone connectivity - excellent connectivity BTW - from a remote lodge in Alaska. Technology, it rocks.::

  27. I was busy yesterday and didn't have a chance to visit.

    Catching up now.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?


  28. I'm with Nathan...Firearms AND Chocolate and no one thought to give ol' Kimby a jingle? I hate this job..i miss all the fun!

    Is there any chocolate left?
    Gazing lovingly at Jim's Colt.

  29. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    You're asking this now?

  30. Humph. You guys have all the fun, when I'm not there.


  31. Gazing lovingly at Jim's Colt.

    Are you hitting on me?

  32. 'cause I'm like totally good with that.

  33. (throws stuffed animals at Jim's head)

    This is hitting on you.

    (goes back to eating chocolate)

  34. Sounds like a fun party. Too bad I'm late. I had to WORK. You know, earn money to pay for my children's sizeable college tuition bills. (Note: if more than one child is planned, one should really have their children at least four years apart to minimize budget impact!)

    Any party that features chocolate, handguns, water buckets over the door and homicidal cats is a good party. Did anyone get pictures?

    Beastly, are you taking the White One back with you? ;)

  35. He will be, and the Grey One too. He just doesn't know it yet.

  36. Damn, I miss all the fun. I was working outside the office most of the day and then helping a friend with a dental emergency most of the evening.

    Now Jim's guarding the chocolate and the guns. [/pout]

  37. Anne, want me to distract him? He's already annoyed at me, what's a little more annoyance? I mean, I AM fast enough to outrun him.

  38. Anne, I would be most happy to share the chocolate with you (none for Michelle, she ate her share and then some yesterday. The little piggie), but you get your own dammed gun.


  39. Now *that* I'm tempted to do. ;)


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