Friday, August 8, 2008

Well, This Can't be Good

Russian Tanks Roll Into Georgia.

I wake up this morning and Russian tanks are rolling into Ossetia? Russian aircraft are dropping bombs into the Republic of Georgia?

Damn it all to hell. Sanity? Is it too dammed much to ask?


I've got things to do this morning. And a headache. So, you're on your own for a bit. Feel free to keep telling me why I'm a jerk.


  1. I'm so glad we didn't fight the Ruskies in a head-on. And that whole concept is out the window now that the Soviet Union is no longer unionized and that pesky wall came tumbling down.

    Oh, wait, how many "trainers" do we have in Georgia? Oh shit. Damn.

  2. I'm writing a post on the subject as we speak...

  3. John, I figured you might be - and I look forward to reading it.

    Steve, yeah, exactly.

  4. I was actually looking for the punchline, thinking it might be a spoof.


  5. Steve - 120, down from 200.

    Even Bush realizes that Saakashvili is batshit crazy.

  6. Thanks, John, I'll read it as soon as I get a break

  7. Go read John's blog, excellent post.

  8. What's your personal prediction out of all this, sir?

  9. Well, this isn't exactly hard to call.

    While there is some truth to what the media is reporting, the Russians are not entirely the bad guys here, and there is more than a bit of the old cold war hysteria running about unfettered.

    I think that it will peter out, in fact it mostly has. For no other reason than Georgia cannot stand up to the Russian military. Pride, Duty, Courage, will to fight - doesn't matter, George is a victim of unfortunate geography (it's divided by a major river and the two sides are physically connected by only one major military transport capable artery, which has been severed - meaning the only way to move troops and armor is via air, meaning they're fucked because the Russians own the skies over Georgia. Period. And once you achieve air superiority, the war is over except for the shouting). However, Russia is very much aware of their bad press, and they need the rest of the world. Unlike the cold war, capitalism, especially new capitalism requires trade, commerce, and the good will of your neighbors.

    However, make particular note of why Russia invaded Georgia, it wasn't out of communist idealism this time - it was about - wait for it - terrorism. Sound familiar? The US can piss and moan and protest, but they can't do it very loud or very long. They can put the economic squeeze on, but that will only go so far. Russia and the US are partners nowadays in a lot of ways. It's in our best interest to support the Russians over the Georgians. They know it, We know it, and Georgia knows it.

    It'll end, soon. Then everybody will look sheepish and pretend that they'll do better in the future.


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