Monday, August 11, 2008

Marathon Monday

I'm seriously busy today.

Beastly and I are busting ass, trying to finish a load of bowls and other art pieces for the Wasilla Market on Wednesday. This will be our first summer market. We pulled everything we've done this summer out of the finishing cabinet the other day and realized that we have over 70 major pieces, and numerous minor pieces. We need to put the finishing touches on about half of them, so that's what we're doing today. Then tomorrow they all have to be priced and photographed, packed and loaded for market.

We spoke to the Wasilla Market manager last week and both he and the other vendors invited us to set up a table at the market - very nice people all. Additionally, we spoke to a number of art dealers in the area and some of our piece will be going to various galleries. So, yeah, yah us.

Note: Janiece, I have both the pieces you asked about finished and I'll be forwarding pictures and prices to you later today via email. Thanks for being patient about this.

So, anyway folks, don't expect too much from me for a couple of days unless I find extra time in between finishing work.


  1. W00t! Thanks, Jim.

    *rubs hands together gleefully*

  2. Jim, when is the slow time for your shop? Long ago, you promised if a piece were sold that we really wanted, we could request a similar one made for us. I'd like to renew my request, but obviously, this would be a bad time to do so.

  3. Anne, no actually this is an excellent time to do so.

    Tomorrow I'll have a bunch of pictures up. However, if you tell me which style you like - from the flickr album, click on the links on the right hand side of the main page - I probably have one that you'd like done already. If not, I'd be happy to make you one. Just tell me which number you're interested in, or what you're looking for.

  4. I believe #45 from this post is my favorite.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Anne, I don't have one like that in inventory like at the moment. However, I'll be able to make it for you without any problem. Two weeks OK?

  6. Sounds good to me. Actually, come to think of it, I'd like to buy a second one as a gift. Do you still have #55 available? It's in this post. If you've already got it packed up for Market, no biggie. We'll sort it all out post-market.

    Have a great time with all those adoring compliments and people handing over wads of cash for art!


  7. Anne, good timing. I was just putting that piece into a box.

    I pulled it back out and it's yours.

    Gotta run, but I'll email you details letter today via the usual UCF route.

    Back in a bit.


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