Monday, August 4, 2008


Denver Police Brace for Convention.

OK, show of hands, how many of you read that and thought of Denvention first?

Yeah, I read that headline in Google news reader and immediately flashed on a bunch of geeks dressed up in Klingon foam heads locked in a fierce slugfest with a bunch of dweebs dressed in ill-fitting pastel Starfleet pajamas in the streets of Denver. Books and computer stores trashed by Buffy clones armed with wooden stakes. The DPD in full riot gear and batons pushing back an enraged mob shouting "Bring Back Firefly! Bring Back Firefly! One Two Three, we want Serenitee!"

OK, I'll stop.

Yeah, it's the Democratic National Convention. Big friggin' Whoop Tee Do, like that'll be any kind of newsworthy ruckus.


  1. I think the browncoats vs. stormtroopers would definitely require the police riot squad. ;)

    I hereby promise that if any of my fellow UCF members get arrested at Denvention, I'll help them arrange bail. :D

  2. Hopefully, they'll return that favor, Jeri ;)

    The trick is - just don't all get arrested at the same time.

  3. "Damn kids bustin' shit up! 'S'why my insurance rates are so high!"


  4. I'm more likely to start the riot and then run away (why, yes, I am an instigator, thank you very much), but I'm willing to bail out the UCF.

    And I'd rather dress up as Willow...

  5. We geeks can get a little rowdy, true, but we've got nothin' on the Obamites vs. Clintoners. Let's get ready to rrrrrrummmmmmbbblllle!

  6. He he he! Considering the Brown Coats are based on the Confederacy, I really can't jump on that bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I live me my Firefly (I strongly identify with Jayne).

    But yeah, I could see the Trekkies (Yes I know, bite me, I'm old school) and Star Wars people get into it. Although, the Kirk wanna-bees should be completely enamored with the Princess Leia in Jabba Slave Girl regalia to the point of being unable to fight (you know, if they're true to their character).

  7. Ha! Steve, thanks for the mental image of Kirk hitting on the Hut slave girl - though personally, I think he'd go for the blue skinned tentacle headed girl, rather than Leia.

  8. On a related note: I was at the Milennium Philcon (WorldCon 2001 in Phila, PA) in 2001. The Philly convention center is an enormous place, so WorldCon shared it with another convention -- some sort of evangelical Christian get-together. Those poor people were really bemused by all of the Klingons, superheros and insectoids walking blithely around the halls of the convention center. They, however, rallied and invited all of WorldCon to attend to their Sunday morning prayer/gospel service...

    Jim, that soup looks way yummy, but it is a bit too hot in Swamp-land for a creamy soup... Will try when the weather turns.


  9. Oh yeah, DC in July is no place for hot potato soup.

    However, if you have an immersion blender, you can puree this same soup while hot, chill and eat it cold with salt and pepper.

  10. Jim, the soup looks wonderful, we need stuff like that with all the fricking rain...

    But what's related to this thread...

    WorldCon vs. DemCon

  11. My preferred MO

    Instigate. Implement. Run Away!

  12. Tania, is that what they taught you in that MSPM program?

  13. Not explicitly . . .



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