Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Notice anything new?

Yep, just upgraded to Firefox v3.0.1.


Its still got that new browser smell.


  1. I tend to have a few dozen tabs open from session to session--news, articles I need to read, serial webcomics I'm in the middle of catching up on, videos I mean to watch (I use an extension called Session Saver to make sure I preserve all the tabs session to session)....

    Which is something I'm afraid I'll lose if I upgrade my Firefox....

    This makes me a sad panda....


  2. Eric, same here. I rarely have less than four tabs open, usually many more.

    I'm using the Session Manager extension, which works fine with FF3.

    About the only downside, extension wise, is that PicLens doesn't work, but I expect it'll be upgraded momentarily.

    FF3 has a much improved rendering engine - it's noticeably faster.

  3. Fixed. PicLens is now CoolIris and it works just fine with FF3

  4. I'm not sure if I've got the same version...maybe only FF 3.0.0. I'll look into it. Everything works fine, but I keep getting crash reports when I puposely quit the app.

    starting to piss me off.

    are we allowed to call you an asshole here?

  5. What about Tab Mix Plus? That's the deal breaker for me.

    I upgraded on one of my computers and Tab Mix Plus didn't work. There's a manual upgrade, but I don't want to have to deal with manual upgrades on something that affects the way I use my browser.

  6. Anyone else having problems w/ printing w/ 3.0.1? I just updated, & printing anything results in characters printed over each other in gibberish. I've checked printer properties, updated adobe, checked firefox's support & forums, etc. What a pain in the ass. I had to go to IE to print.

  7. Things sure look different here on Walton's Mountain.

  8. Tracy,

    Just checked here, and printing works great. Better than in the previous version in fact.

    It may be something specific to your hardware or more likely your driver. You might see if there is an updated driver for your system online.

  9. Holy Crap Batman, I am just a baby when it comes to this stuff (it's not brain surgery...). And work doesn't permit me to use Firefox anyway. I haven't a clue as to which version I have at home, but I'll have to check. I do so like the smell of a new browser, even if I only have at most 3 tabs open at a times...


  10. Thanks for the idea. Tried it once Jim, no help so far. I've been working on this all day, goddammit! I'm giving up for the day & will try again tomorrow. Guess I'll uninstall firefox & reinstall. argh!

  11. Well fuck me. Been fighting w/ it again for 3 hours today. I even tried going back to ff 2.0, can't get that to even open. Had to go back to 3.0. I don't know why I can't get 2.0 to work anymore.
    Anyway, it's got to be the printer driver, but the updated one doesn't work, which means I need to call tech support for the printer company which is always a fun time. I'll probably have to wait till our lease is up in Dec to be able to get around it, & keep printing in evil IE.
    I know it's not your fault ff, but damn you. I've done nothing but love you, & now I'm fucked.

  12. Tracy, what printer are you using?

    This seems to be a common problem with Ricoh Multifunction printers, though it has been reported with other machines. Additionally this problem seems to occur most frequently with clean installs, vice upgrades from v2.

    Try changing the FF default font.
    Fonts & color Option
    Change the “Default Font :” from Times New Roman to something else. Say “Trebuchet MS” and size 14.

    Then print and see if it works.

  13. Tracy, if that works, you should be able to change the display font back to Time New Roman. Looks like FF3 is not initializing the print/font buffers correctly first time out of the box.

    Let me know if that works, thanks

  14. Jim, I love you, you are a brilliant man!!!!!!!!!!!! Your suggestion didn't work, but it got me to where I needed to be. In 'advanced' by fonts & colors, I found a box that was checked, allow pages to choose their own font. I unchecked it, & voila! I am hollering w/ delight, & doing the happy dance!
    You are the best, & thank God for the internet!
    Oh happy day, oh happy day!

  15. Excellent.

    I fooled around with it here, running the data analyzer on my USB print line. What happens with that box checked is that FF3 sends the webpage fonts to the printer, along with commands instructing the printer to choose a corresponding font from its internal library set - in other words this is a hardware/firmware process, and usually much faster. This works OK with advanced printers like my HP or Brother Multifunction Office Behemoth, but not for mid-range or low-end printers without onboard processing. Unchecking the box, allows your operating system to sort it out through the driver, which a bit slower (not noticeably in most cases), in other words it's a software solution and a lot more flexible. It also means that what you see on the screen may not be exactly what you see on the printout, format wise, but usually that doesn't matter.

    Glad I could help.

  16. Ok, more than my brain can handle, but I think I got you. It's a few years old, & obviuosly can't handle it. I just checked my bosses computer, which hasn't been updated yet, & that option is checked, so I'm guessing it was on mine before, & for whatever reason now it doesn't work.
    I'm so glad you could help too.
    Now that I can print, I love the look of ff 3. Very pretty, which is so important of course. hehe I don't use any add ons, so can't comment on use of them.

  17. Yep. It's not actually a bug, just a configuration issue. Which is a good thing. On the other hand, any bugs in FF3 should be fixed damned skippy quick. Go Open Source, go!

  18. I'm baaaaaaack. Would you believe it's a problem w/ different websites???? Just went to print something from a different site, after printing all day, & it's gibberish again. So I checked the box again, & it printed fine. Then went to print from somewhere else w/ the box checked, & gibberish there until I unchecked the box. grrr I give up, looks like I'll just be wasting paper till we get a new printer in Dec.

  19. Tracy, I'm doing research and working up a post on this topic right now.

    Do me a favor, please.

    Uncheck the

    "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" box.

    In the same options dialog, change the fonts to something you know your printer can handle:

    Times New Roman and Courier for example. Change the font size, up or down a notch.

    Then go back and try to print a couple of the page that were giggerish with the box unchecked.

  20. Also, check your printer configuration.

    Control Panel/Printers. Select the printer in question, then right click and select properties.

    In the properties dialog, select the Advanced tab:
    check "enable advanced printing features" if it exists.
    Then click "print processor" and ensure that WinPrint is set to "RAW" as the default data type.

  21. I'm sorry Jim, I wasn't ignoring you, I left work for the day - the darn time diff thing. I will try it tomorrow morning. You're a saint(I hear the snickering now) for going through all this for me. I'll let you know tomorrow.

  22. Tracy, check out the latest post here.

    There's a couple of additional troubleshooting tips there. I think you might have some luck by changing the character encoding set.

    I've spoken to the folks at Mozilla's tech support line. They're aware of the problem. Knowing them it won't take long to fix, since it worked correctly under v2.

    Also, something else to try, download the View in IE extension. For the pages that don't print correctly with the "allow pages to choose" box unchecked, try switching to View in IE engine and see if that works. Nice thing about the View in IE Tab extension is that it remembers which pages are which.

    If you can't figure out what the hell I'm talking about, email me tomorrow and I'll walk you through it. stonekettlestation@gmail.com

  23. You're not an asshole, you're a big old sweetheart! But I won't tell anyone. ;-) I can't believe you did all this, thank you, I'm truly blown away. I'm actually anxious to go to work tomorrow to try it all.
    You're a doll.

  24. you're a big old sweetheart!

    Oh yeah, the chicks, they dig me.

    Take that! (I am, of course, speaking to the troll who called me a sad, pathetic, middle aged man this morning. Nothing brings out the hate like a mailbox post. Heh.

    ::goes off whistling back to the shop::

  25. Trolls are always big ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!! You give me his info, & I'll take care of him. I got your back.
    The fact that he has nothing better to do than email you saying you're pathetic shows that he's the pathetic one. Asshole. I'm sure he felt very superior after. Joke's on him.
    Forget him, & feel the gratitude & love I'm sending your way. :-)

  26. Oh, I'll remember him for a bit - just because he gave me a laugh. Internet posers, they kill me.


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