Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to Market

We're off to the Wednesday Market in Wasilla, wish us luck and many rich tourists.

The weather is fairly crappy, light drizzle, but we've got a shiny new pop-up pavilion awning, so we're going anyway.

Here's what two months of woodturning and sculpting looks like:

Market Bowls

Well, OK, this is about half of it, just what would fit on the table. And for reference, that's the multifunction table, which also serves as the outfeed support for the tablesaw, it's about four and half feet wide and ten feet long. Beastly had to stand on top of a step ladder with a wide angle lens on the Nikon to get it all into the picture. The perspective doesn't do it justice.  Some of those bowls are pretty good sized. The knobby looking jobbers on the right-hand, front side of the table, and in the bowls on the left, are wine bottle stoppers which Beastly turns from exotic hardwoods.  Front center you can see a couple of the handmade wooden spoons we made for a client who makes clay sugar keepers and honey jars.  Most of these pieces are Alaskan birch, but a few are exotic hardwoods, we particularly like that tulipwood bowl, dead center, second row, front - the red and yellow striped one.

I'll have detailed photos of each piece up in the Flickr album tomorrow (Yeah, that's about 331 pictures, so it's going to be a day, sue me). Anything that doesn't sell today, and isn't marked for the local art galleries will be available online.

One final note before I head out, Janiece your pictures are coming, I swear. Today. The pieces are done and ready to ship to you. I will email you tonight. Promise. I will.  Anne, I've pulled the piece you requested and put it aside, and I'll get started on making the other piece you requested next week.

We'll have the laptop with us at the market, so depending on the cell network I may check in periodically during the day.

Wish us fame and fortune.  Daddy needs some new bandsaw blades. 


  1. I'm drooling with envy.

    Actually, it's probably a good thing that I'm not there to drool in person. I'd quickly exceed my discretionary budget and the family would end up eating Top Ramen for the rest of the month.

    Jim, whenever you get around to it is fine. They're for Xmas presents.

  2. Yes, I need to talk with you at some point about a Christmas present for my Dad.

    GOod luck!

  3. Thanks, Jim! Best of luck with the market. I'm imagining that tomorrow you'll have a pile o' cash the size of that table. Best of all, you'll have fun, basking in the praise.

  4. That is a pretty awesome haul. I hope you're saving up for the big Christmas fair at the Sullivan - and have a table reserved there. :)

    I wish you many happy buyers today!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I'm (in a very minor way) inspired..

    ..the item second up from bottom-left looks kinda like a coffee-press. And I think it would be (highly) neat to have a custom turned-wood plunger for a coffee press.

    Jim: any chance? :)

  7. Love your table o' bowls, Jim. Is it wrong that I'm all excited about J's comment, re: Christmas Presents?

    Yes, I'm ten.

  8. Add me to the list of Christmas gift buyers....can't think of a better gift!


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