Monday, July 21, 2008


Folks I'm a bit busy this morning, and probably won't get around to posting anything until later, if then.

Just thought you'd like to know.

In the mean time, check out these images of Okmok Volcano. I live in a geologically active state, oh boy do I, and Okmok is erupting in a major way today. We haven't had any detectable ash fall here yet and are unlikely to. But then again, should the winds shift we could get some, which is, of course, seriously ungood for people and air breathing machines. Okmok is disrupting flights along the Great Circle Route to Asia, for which Anchorage is a major jumping off point - so if you're going to China via Anchorage in the near future, be prepared for a bit longer trip as the planes route around the ash clouds.

Makes me glad that I'm no longer stationed out on Shemya and don't have to fly over the Aleutians any more.

Back in a bit.


  1. GoogleEarth has some pretty good imagery of the volcano (pre eruption).

  2. I'm glad it wasn't erupting when we went to the ROC in April.

  3. So... it's later.

    Why aren't you here entertaining me?

  4. Urk!

    Sorry. I was busy today and shit.

    Just came to take a shower and start fixing dinner for this bunch.

  5. I'm booooooooored!

    Rant about something dammit!

  6. You would prioritize personal hygeine and feeding your family over blogging for your adoring fans? Well, adoring might be a little strong, demanding is probably more accurate.

    I can't believe that you'd let us down like this. We thought you were dedicated. Heroic. Basically, a Mary-Sue who could do it all.

  7. Yeah...what she said.

    Steven Seagal would be able to whip up a 7 course meal while defeating the CHICOM and typing a blog post with his toes.

    Fucking slacker!

  8. Steven Segal might be able to eat a seven course meal while sneering at Asian people, but I seriously doubt the stupid lummox can read, let alone type.

  9. I've met the man. He tells people to type. And they type like motherfuckers!

  10. Jim, if you'll dance for us, I'll sing.

    C'mon. I'm meeting you half-way, here.



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