Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy Today


Medium sized production job this week - but I broke a bandsaw blade last night and don't another one on hand. I mean I do, a bunch of them actually, but none are precisely the same as the one I need. And nobody in town carries them, so I have to order one from an online supplier. In the mean time, I have to substitute one that is not exactly what I need, and it's slowing me down.

Plus, it's raining. Again.

And it's cold out. Again.

In fact, it's been cold and raining pretty much all summer. Weird, last year we hardly got any rain at all. That's Alaska for you though. Anyway the long and short of it is that my hands don't work so good in this type of weather, and I keep dropping things. I also have to be extra careful not to cut part of my digits off on one of my machines, and that's slowing me down too.

So, you'll excuse me if I'm not prolific with the posting for a couple of days.


But, I hate to leave you without at least a modicum of amusement, so here, buy yourself a hoofed ruminant:


Yeah, this picture pretty much sums up my day so far.


  1. What if I'd rather have a sheep than a goat? Or even a rabbit?

  2. Sheep are in the next machine over, next to the Llamas.

    Rabbits are in the machine on the first floor, the one next to the stairwell that also, by some strange coincidence, carries 'Milk Duds' and 'Sugar Daddies.' But be warned, that machine has eaten my quarters two days in a row. Just saying.

  3. Vend-a-Goat-Rope?

    Some people I knew at NRL hit that machine much too often.

  4. That picture loaded really slowly from the top down. Block the bottom of the shot out, to just above the guy's waist and you'll see what I was looking at when I thought, "What the Fuck? Has Jim had a change of heart about perverts?"

  5. That's a really great picture. Some folks have way too much fun with photoshop.

    Personally, I prefer the vend-a-fish machine they have over at the oilfield services building.

    Except that one time the cooling system broke down, it stunk so badly they had to evacuate three floors until they could swab every surface down with antiseptic, odor killing cleaner.

    Still, there's nothing like a fresh sheefish with your coffee first thing in the morning.

  6. I dunno, personally I can't eat a whole goat, it ruins my dinner.

    However, I do like a frozen hamster, or a guinea pig once in a while.

  7. And Janeice called me strange after my post today.

    All ya'll here are giving me a damn run for my money.

  8. It's a conspiracy, Vince, we're all in it together.

  9. This is a conspiracy?

    DAMN! I forgot to put on my fedora and trench coat!

    (runs off)


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