Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - an inadvertent meme

Yesterday or the day before, I forget, Nathan posted about the view from his front window, I thought I'd show the view in front of my house - you know, just so you can compare and contrast New York City, New York and Palmer, Alaska. Also for comparison, I'm just going to steal most of Nathan's text, then change a few words here and there in order to create this blog post. This process is called a meme, not blatant plagiarism - if I was a musician, I'd call it 'sampling.'

Nathan said: "The City of NY showed up this morning and took my street away. Actually, what's going on is called 'milling and paving'. They'll scrape off the top layer of the street today and come back tomorrow to lay down a fresh, shiny new top layer."

Well, here in Alaska, some road workers from the town of Palmer showed up this morning and took my street away. Actually what's going here is called 'milling about.' They'll scrape and paw at the weeds along the edge of the road today, and probably tomorrow, and lay down a fresh, shiny new layer of nuggetized road topping.

Here's a look at a couple of municipal repaving machines:

And here's a shot of the road after they've laid down a new road surface:

They only put up signs that they'd be doing this around noon yesterday. Thankfully, I noticed the signs when I got home and parked in the shop, as I usually do. No worries about towing here, I'm armed and it should be obvious that the 'road workers' can't drive anyway. Here's some of the signs:

What else can you tell from these photos? First, you'll see that I'm being a complete smartass, and second, you can see I'm the only one on my block dumb enough to be out on the street with a camera.

Like Nathan, it occurs to me that my usual pictures don't have much in common with Scalzi's periodic sunset shots. Oh well.


Now, if you're the kind of people I think you are you'll take this and run with it. I expect to see links to your very own "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood' posts. Feel free to steal whatever you need from Polyboggimous. Go on, Nathan won't mind.


  1. I'd already posted such this morning, but I hadn't thought to lift Nathan's text and call it a meme! What a great idea. ;)

    Of course, the whole repaving theme wouldn't work for me - or maybe it would? - since it was about the ferry ride home. On water.

    Great moose pr0n. Gotta love it when they use your trees as dental floss.

  2. Hey! I posted shots of my yard and porch months and months ago!

    They're just part of my flower pr0n is all.

    Y'all are just jealous of my flower pr0n.

  3. LMAO!

    And BTW, it's almost 5:00pm here. The road scrapey-uppey union seems to have done an excellent job.

    No sign of the new top-of-the-road-puttey-downey union.


    Can't wait to see what the rest of the plagiarists, um, meme-ists come up with.

  4. Coincidentally, I was going to post a shot of my street before I got sidetracked into the rant about the TSA electroshock bracelets. My street, where it was brutally raining. Where we had crashing, slamming, enraged thunderstorms throwing viscious tantrums most of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, with a possible third-night special showing tonight still possible.

    And then this morning they said on the radio we were in a drought. Which was funny; I mean, I see how it's true, but when you've had two days of Noachian weather, the irony kind of gets up your nose.

    I may yet post the rain photos tomorrow. Depends on whether I'm blogging, have anything to say, or just put up a Friday Night Movie if I come across one.

  5. It's not every day you see Noachian in a sentence.

    Bravo, Eric!

  6. Noachian, I believe that is indeed the first time that word, or era, has been used on Stonekettle Station. As Nathan said, bravo.


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