Monday, June 23, 2008

Please Stand By, Again

Logging in via wireless cell connection.

The power's out.

Apparently yet another squirrel has decided to immolate itself in the transformer that supplies power to my house. This is the second time in less than two days.

Anyway, we are down hard here and likely to remain that way for a while. Today's post has disappeared in a cloud of free range pixels, the coffee pot is slowly cooling off, and Beastly is staring glumly at the darkened shop. My son is pissed, the WWII dog fighting game he had paused last night is nothing more than a fading memory.

Such is life on the wild Alaskan frontier.

See you all later, squirrels permitting.


  1. Not to ask a stupid question, but you don't have a generator?

    Or you have a generator and you simply don't need to use it.

    Here's hoping y'all decided to enjoy a hike or something while waiting--proper footwear permitting.

  2. Well this just pisses me right the hell off! I should have to suffer because you choose to live in Outter-Bumfuck?

    You need to wilderness-proof your connectivity so I can have my Stonekettle Station fix.

    Yea, Dammit! It is all about me.

  3. Michelle, running computers on generator power is not a good idea. Generators are mostly to keep the furnace and freezers running.

    Plus to power my entire house I'd need a commercial 10K genset, that's about $7000 and frankly I don't have that kind of money laying around at the moment. Sooner or later I'll install one, but probably not until I make the top of the NYT best seller list. :)

    Power's on. But it's not particularly stable at the moment. Back in a bit.

  4. And no, Nathan, it's not all about you - it's all about me!

  5. I'm thinking you guys need to break out the hand tools (saws, hammers, etc.) and build a squirrel-proof enclosure for the transformer.

  6. If you were more local, I'd say your squirrels were trying to provide my husband with job security. But John doesn't even work for GVEA, never mind MEA.

    Stupid squirrels.

  7. Well, yes.

    But you hadn't mentioned backup power of any sort.

    Which was really silly of me to assume you didn't have one just because you hadn't mentioned it.

    Forget I said anything.:)

  8. Michelle, I think it was a reasonable assumption, considering he said "the darkened shop."

    Heavens to Betsy! The Shop is DAAAARRRRKKKK! [screams of horror heard in the background, fading as the screamers run away to find a cliff to jump off]

  9. Damn terrorist suicide-immolation squirrels! Do they really think that they can bring our technology and our American way of life to its knees! Fie! Shame! We remain unbowed, determined to meet this threat head-on! I call upon our beloved President to form, endow, and create a Department of Squirrelly Homeland Security to protect us all from the dastardly terrorist squirrels!

    Oh, wait! We already have one of those. It may not have Squirrelly in its name, but it sure acts pretty squirrelly.

    Good! We're all a bit safer from squirrel terrorists now. We also need to start random searches of anybody (and everybody) to make sure they aren't hiding squirrels (in their pockets) (oooh, what an image), or aren't squirrels dressed up like real Americans.

    Trees, you say? Who cares about trees? It's about the terrorist squirrels, damnit!

  10. Tom, at this point I'm afraid the little bastard rodent jihadists have already won - they've taken control of my electrical supply and are are demanding a daily supply of peanut butter and dried corn.

    Where the hell is homeland security when you need them,eh?

    Oh, and a point of procedure. People don't just smuggle rodents in their pockets, that's why body cavity searches are so important...

    (rim(heh)shot, ba dum bump)


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