Friday, June 27, 2008

80's Music (updated and fixed)

And speaking of lyrics, how's your knowledge of 80's music?

Me, I suck. 33.35%. But in my defense I was living in Europe and on a small island in the north Atlantic for a lot of the 80's and missed much of the American music scene. Truthfully though, I really don't feel deprived.

Update: For some reason the image link is malfunctioning.
Here's the URL for the test site

As usual, my head feels like the floor of a New York City taxi cab this morning, but most of the actual biting pain is gone. Can't focus worth a crap, unless I cover the left eye. If the zombies attack, I'll have to use the .45 and shoot right handed. Sigh.


  1. I was here in the states the whole time and still only got 30%. I even worked on the video of one that I missed.

    I suck. (Then again, many of those songs sucked.)

  2. I just about doubled your score. But then, I grew up in that era. HS class of 87, college class of 90. MTV left its goo all over the college dorm common areas of my generation.

  3. I got 70% but it should have been higher due to spelling issues.

    And I graduated in '88 so much of that was prime teen years for me.

    And now I want to go listen to Grand Master Flash...

  4. I can't do the test, the website seems to be down :(

  5. I got a bad link when I tried it--remove the gobbledygook around the address and you should be able to get there

  6. Ok, so i finally got to the test..75.7% but they docked me 30% for my generation????
    i have a strange urge to go find my leg warmers.....

  7. I forgot to note my %, but I had 124.5 points, and missed a few on typos(ie Jesse instead of Jesse's). It gave me no points for my generation.

  8. I had a series of embarrassing brain freezes where even if I recognized the song, I couldn't remember the freaking words. Including at least one by one of my favorite bands (U2). A measley 54%. In a couple of cases, it was like I had aphasia or something. (Remembering the word "aphasia" makes it unlikely you're actually suffering from aphasia.)

    It's fashionable to dis the '80s, but the music didn't suck any more than any other decades; I suspect modern mass media, specifcially TV (and specifically MTV) had something of a preservative effect--if Hermann's Hermits had been making music videos, we might not have quite the same fondness for the '60s.

    (And there were at least two '80s ringers in there--one song they admitted was from the '70s and then Bananarama's "Venus," which was a cover of The Shocking Blue song from the 1960s. I know this, and yet I missed "Venus" during the quiz. See what I mean about words falling out of brain?)


    Glad you're feeling a little better, Jim.

  9. Eric, I ended up entering "Venus" instead of "Goddess"

    It seems like I should partial credit for that!

  10. I got a 61.5%. There were a lot of blanks in there. I was a too young in the 80s to listen to a lot of that then, plus I'm a music buffoon.

  11. I was a too young in the 80s to listen to a lot of that

    Come over here so I can smack you from my wheelchair.

  12. The only things I was concerned about in the 80s were Transformers, He-Man and G.I. Joe, in that order.

  13. Yeah, Matt, what Michelle said.

    60's and 70's music, I'm pretty sure I could ace, 80's and 90's not so much. And nowadays, I don't know what that shit is, but it ain't music...

  14. Youngsters. They think that music we danced to is classic rock. Sheesh.

  15. I was a "dweebie" with 24 points (or percent, or whatever).
    That's pretty accurate.

    That and I have a shitty memory bank.

  16. I'm too embarrassed to admit to my score, and I am basically the same age as Jim and lived here in the States. Does it count that I'm tone-deaf?


  17. I did horribly, worse than Jim. I can't even remember my score, I eliminated it from my memory that quickly. They deducted 20 points from it for something too. I screwed up on the Jesse vs. Jesse's thing too. :P

    My hub should ace it, he was a college DJ - we'll see how he does.


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