Friday, June 6, 2008


Folks, I'm offline until tomorrow at the earliest.

I've got a number issues and not enough time. So blogging has to go for a day or so.

I'll be back tomorrow and I'll make sure to catch up on all of your blogs. I know I've been scarce around your places lately and I apologize, but I'm sure you understand.

Thanks and see you this weekend.


  1. I bet you are online sometime today, and read this comment.

    It will haunt you, because you'll realize that you didn't really stay offline all day. You'll start to think perhaps it's an addiction. You'll make excuses about not meaning you'd really be offline the whole time. Maybe you won't respond until tomorrow, and pretend you just got the comment.

    But we'll know.

    hehehehe. Happy Friday. Hope all is well.

  2. Yeah, sure! Jeri goes to all the trouble to launch you a fucking satellite to improve your service and what do you do? Drop offline!

    Screw it! Jeri, put up the super secret stealth shielding that only blocks Jim. That'll show the ingrate!

  3. You just say you'll come visit.

    But you never do.

    What are we supposed to tell the *children*?!

  4. Shawn, I can quit anytime I want to.

    Satellite? What satellite?

  5. Read Jeri's post from yesterday or day before.

  6. Maybe later tonight.

    Right now I've got to go to Anchorage to drop off this week's production work and pick up the "Bouncy Castle" and "Jumpy House" for my wife's company picnic. Then I have to go to the picnic.

    Back tomorrow.

  7. Going to a picnic is a perfectly legitimate reason to be offline.

  8. Bouncy Castle?
    Can we come?
    (and i love how, even when you are offline you still managed to comment on the comments)

  9. Hmmmm.... we can probably see that bouncy castle thingy from the satellite. ;)

  10. Am I the only one who suddenly had an image of 30-and-40-somethings in business suits jumping up and down in the Bouncy Castle and Jumpy House, screaming, "WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"?

    And then, of course, I realized they were probably for the employees' kids.

    But I still like my first thought better.

  11. Eric, you are actually no far off.

    I got a Bouncy Castle, and the second inflatable was actually a Boxing Ring. Big inflatable house, like the bouncy castle, but it came with these humongous boxing gloves and giant oversize helmets. Two adults in the gloves looked like crabs with enormous claws doing the mating dance - hysterical.

    Becky's company puts on a good picnic with catered food and such. I was so full I could hardly stay awake. I won a really nice expedition raincoat in the prize raffle, and my son won a giant chocolate cake in the cakewalk. Beastly won a watermelon, which he didn't claim as we have two in the fridge already. Though he and I did briefly entertain the idea of claiming it and seeing if we could turn it on the lathe (hmmm, maybe if we froze it first and then...)


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