Thursday, June 12, 2008

How well do you know the candidates?

Here's an interesting quiz.

McCain - I got 13 out of 16. I missed 7, 14, and 16.

Obama - I got 12 out of 17. I missed 1, 4, 5, 8 and 14.



Now, here's a question of my own - do you think these quizzes are just a little biased?  McCain's quiz asked about his politics, record, and war experience.  Obama's asked about where his mother spent her youth, the car he drove, his elementary school writing assignment, and what shoes he wore.


I'm guessing now that McCain and Obama are the heirs presumptive we're going to be seeing more and more of this kind of information warfare. 

I'm all about freedom of the press, but I think they should have to declare which candidate they're supporting right up front, above the fold on the first page.


  1. Hmmm.. biased or no, I don't know crap about either one of these guys. I supppose I'd better start reading up. Although - I don't think that the name of their campaign bus, elementary school, or whether their second wife had an affair is really all that relevant to their candidacy. :P

    I did read Obama's book however! And I might read one if McCain wrote it *himself* too, just to be evenhanded. Cause yeah, that'll happen.

  2. News organizations have a preference for one candidate over the other? I'm shocked!

  3. Oh I was too, Nathan. Shocked and appalled, I was.

    And, yes, Jeri, it is important to know what the name of the candidate's campaign bus is. It's a well known fact that bus naming is going to be a huge issue in the coming election. As I understand it, the Green Party has named their bus "Further" in an effort to court the aging Hippy vote...

  4. If I ever run for anything, my bus is going to be The Juggernaut of Death.

    Has a cheery ring to it, no?

  5. I think I go with "Going Down - The Express Elevator to Hell" after one of my favorite Bill Paxton lines (Aliens, if you're not a Paxton fan).

  6. Hey, and just like Dubya, I'm going to have cute nicknames for the different levels of donors.

    Little donors = screechy poo-monkeys
    Big donors = 800lb. Gorillas
    Really big donors = Come to Papa

  7. Nathan, you forgot to include

    Uber Donors - Spank me now and touch my monkey.

  8. "Juggernaut Of Death"--is that anything like Senator Clinton's campaign bus, the "Juggernaut Of Debt"?

    (He shoots! He scores!)

  9. GF: "The couch is shaking. What are you laughing at?"

    Me: "Oh, It's just Eric commenting again."

  10. Oh damn, now I'm going to have to forward this thread to the Clinton campaign office :)

    I'm sure they'll see the humor.

    Juggernaut of Debt is my new phrase of the day.

  11. Well, either that or "Spank me now and touch my monkey" I really like that too, and I think it would make a hell of a band name.

  12. I love you all. Can we live together in a group marriage?

    Monkey touching completely optional.

  13. OK, I finally got around to taking the tests. 7 right on McCain, 4 right on Obama.

    This only proves I'm not qualified to vote, right? Or maybe that someone else isn't qualified to formulate meaningful tests?

  14. I'm sure it's the latter, Nathan.

    Seriously thought, I hope you didn't miss what kind of foot gear Obama wore in college, that's like a major issue for me this year. Major.

  15. Jeri, I'm not sure about the group marriage thing - will the rest of us get to use the boat on a regular basis?

  16. I'm thinking no cohabitation. I don't want to have to pick up after more kids than I already do.

    But yeah, the boat would certainly be share-able -- as long as you buy your own gas. ;)

    Trying out this gang's cooking? Definitely. And the conversation, hell yeah.

  17. Didn't we already provision a bomb shelter somewhere. I have a vague memory (in my mind and in my aching back), of carrying in something like 12 cases of Jamesons.

  18. And we all deeply appreciate that, Nathan - especially the Irish amongst us.

  19. Shit. Now we have to clean up after messy, puking, politically squabbling UCF bomb shelter residents.

    I'm gonna sing in the shower off key, early in the morning, I am!

  20. That's okay, Jeri, I usually run the chainsaw early in the morning, maybe your singing will drown that out ;)

  21. Wait, you mean we have multiple early risers?


  22. Michelle, well see I get up around 5:30AM, but since I live in Central Alaska that's about 9:30AM your time, so I get to sleep it and be an early riser, or something, wait, what?

  23. I don't mind getting up early, but I don't unless work dictates. I haven't set my alarm once since getting the new kittens.

    Typical morning is where I wake up with Teufel standing on my face licking my eyelid...at 5:20 a.m.

    Jeri, I can deal with the cats, but shut the fuck up until I get my coffee.

    Humans just don't get the same kind of leeway.

  24. So we're safe, is what you're saying Jim?

    When I'm not sick, I'm usually awake between 6 and 6:30, though on the weekends I can manage to fall back asleep until *eight*!

    Of course right now I feel like I've been sick for most of my natural life. I actually slept until *ten* today, which is *unnatural*.


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