Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No kidding

McCain unlikely to use Cheney in Campaign.  Jeez, you think?

But then again, there is a certain ultra-conservative element to the GOP that thinks Cheney is some kind of hero.  Coincidently, those are the very same Republicans who think McCain is a pansy-assed, tree-hugging, bunny-loving, cat-petting, God-haytin' Liberal who will just give our country away to the terrorist Ayrabs.

Sadly, McCain needs those voters. 

I expect we'll be seeing Dick again, if only behind the scenes.  Of course, that's exactly what Dick Cheney is good at, isn't it? Pulling the strings from behind the scenes?


  1. Oh, c'mon, Jim. He's also good at having heart attacks.

  2. I think we didn't get the memo the conservatives sent out: it appears to be National Conservative "No Shit, Really?" Week. As further evinced by this:


    No? Really, Mr. President?

    It may be too early to write off the Veep, however. I'm not sure if McCain will allow Cheney to help him pick a running mate, but if he does... we all know how that works.

  3. He's also good at shooting old guys i the face!

  4. Well, yes, Michelle, there may actually be a need for that particular skill set in this election ;)

  5. Actually, if shooting were a part of the campaign trail it would really change the race for everyone - victory to the team with the best sharpshooters! I like it. It'd sure cut down on political waste.

  6. So you're advocating sort of a "Survival of the Fitest" campaign policy? I like it. Applied correctly it could lead to rapid, directed evolution of politicians into a higher lifeform, one that's maybe even intelligent.

    Well, the democrats would evolve, the republicans don't believe in evolution and would therefor remain a more primitive form of life, maybe even going extinct...

  7. ...the republicans don't believe in evolution and would therefor remain a more primitive form of life, maybe even going extinct...

    Wishful thinking, Jim. If there's one thing republicans are good at, it's survival.

  8. Kind've like one of those coelacanths then?


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