Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beastly in the House


The guy has been onboard Stonekettle Station for less than two days. Already he has his RV offloaded, his lathe assembled (with a little help from yours truly) and he's busy making sawdust.


Beastly 1 

We're still stepping around piles of tools and FESTOOL crates, and I expect we will be for a while. Mostly because I've got production work to do this week and it's going to be a while before we can get to building some work benches and storage for Beastly.  Until then, he'll just have to suffer by using up what's left of my green birch supply.

He seems to be taking it well.


  1. Glad you made it safely, Beastly.

    You boys don't cause too much trouble, now...

    And get off my lawn!

  2. How on earth is your wife putting up with all the giggling and pillow fights?

  3. Mostly she just ignores us.

    She did say, "Well, it's nice that you'll have a little friend to play with during summer vacation..." Than she rolled her little eyes and went back to doing whatever it is she does. Big important stuff.

  4. Yeah, I kind of like her too.

    What the hell she sees in me, I have no idea - but I'm willing to go with it. ;)

  5. I've gotta say I expected more of a "Fuck you Nathan" response. :D

    The whole concept does give me a smile though.

  6. OK I've been relatively quiet through all of this but Thanks Hot Chick for the thought and as far as trouble goes it's gonna be difficult. Nathan the only fighting that goes on is over an idle tool "I was just about to use that one!" and stupid grins are about as far as the myrth goes. Now as for annoying poor Becky goes, well there are the occasional spontaneous Warner Brothers' cartoon dialogs, the "look at what we did in the shop today!" sessions and your basic goofing off that goes with being retired which is expected.


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