Thursday, January 31, 2008

Announcing the end of the Blogosphere

Every technology brings with it benefit and bane.

Take blogging, for example:

Benefit: Anybody can start a blog, and broadcast to the world their opinions, insights, wisdom or foolishness.

Bane: Anybody can start a blog. Anybody.

At first, new technology is cool and shiny and interesting and fun.

Then the asstards show up, and things become a little duller, more mundane, grimy. Sigh.

Take this blog for example (note the 'About this Blog' in the upper right hand corner, and be sure to smile for the security cameras), complete with sycophantic suck-up employees and official Type-1, supercharged bullshit injector. Read the comments, as many as you can stand - it's an interesting cross section of teh batshit crazy and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Yeah, and you thought the chocolate chip pancake wrapped heart-attack on a stick caused bloating, gas, and cramps...


  1. I think I'll wait until I'm not at work before I click on that link. You intel types already have a folder on me about 3 inches thick...

  2. you intel types

    Hey, these days I am a simple woodworker and artist. Mostly ;)

  3. Yeah, yeah. A friend of my dad's used to fly for Air America. One thing he taught me is that you can never leave...

  4. Well, I moved to Alaska. That's about as left as it gets - though I do occasionally take a phone call or two... :)

  5. One day we'll have to have a couple of beers and discuss the relative merits of the Soviet system of mointoring people and the American one.

  6. Now I feel stupid. I fast-scrolled over the link and thought it was "nsa.gov". I was marvelling at what kind of redacted blog they might produce.

    But I'm still waiting until I get hime to click on that link.

  7. I know its got to be there somewhere, but I couldn't find the small print that says "Anyone posting nasty comments (which we will delete) will be placed on the No Fly Lists (which don't exist and if you've seen one, its a fraud). Have a nice day."

  8. If you scroll past the "TSA Rocks!" comments and read the wing nut ones, it's fairly amusing."

  9. I personally think that the vast amounts of money spent on this thing could have been better spent on a health and fitness program for these highly trained and well prepared TSA Screeners and security personnel. I know that the 350lbs, gold chain wearing, out of breath, treating me like I’m wasting his time security guard; that was at the last security check point I had to go threw at the airport, made me feel safe and secure.

  10. "Yeah, yeah. A friend of my dad's used to fly for Air America. One thing he taught me is that you can never leave..."

    I learned that from The Prisoner. They send giant rubber balls after you if you try, right?

  11. Wow. Say, how about we take something that people on one side are either 1) pissed at, 2) feel is way off base, 3) makes them late, 4) most of us realize is meerly theater; on the other side thinks is better than sliced cheese and gives them all warm fuzzy feelings, and then pin a bullseye on it to see if anybody takes a shot.

    "Bummer of a birthmark, Fred." (said one deer to the other in the Gary Larsen cartoon).

  12. Bummer of a birthmark, Fred

    !!! Hah, I damned near swallowed my head on that, Steve. I'm laughing my ass here.

    that should have been the name of the blog!

  13. Laughing my ass off, is what I meant. Got to learn to type slower, damnit!

  14. I just figured you were either trying a new LJ handle or it was some new Navy encrypted communications gear you had. :)


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