Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Stonekettle Station achieved a milestone yesterday - 523 unique visitors, 12001 pageloads (in a 24-hour period). Which continues a steady upward trend.

Holy Crap.

If I'm to be honest though - 3 of those unique visitors were for (wait for it) Laura San Giacomo, nude - all from different locations, including one in Norway. And an even dozen were searches containing the word 'jerkoff' since I often use that term in the 'Jerkoff of the Week' posts (which, in hindsight was probably a poor choice of naming conventions, since people searching for gay porn don't seem all that interested in my site. Go figure. Strangely, I noticed that a significant number of folks that search for gay porn containing this phrase are from both the US Midwest and the Middle East, about half and half. Ohh, common ground between Fundie Christians and Muslims? I dunno).

However, 83% of the non-regular visitors stuck around for a minimum of 20+ minutes and read multiple pages, so apparently people are interested. Cool

The two biggest searches that seem to draw people in and keep them around for a while are searches involving woodwork (lathe work specifically, my bowl pictures are getting a rather large amount of unique views) and searches that hit on the post I made regarding the viral email containing a picture of John Wayne and the phrase "Now just why in HELL do I have to press '1' for English?" In fact, if you enter 'John Wayne' and 'Now just why in the hell do I have to press 1 for English' into google, Stonekettle Station is the number 5 out 80K results! Yeah, I find this fairly cool. Because every jackass neocon that goes looking for that topic finds me, and gets slapped up side the head with his bigoted bullshit.

So, thanks.

I've got to run some errands this morning, and I have to go to the mill in Wasilla. Back in a bit.


  1. Wow. I'm such a nub compared to you.

    "I'm not worthy..."

  2. I'm one of the new guys. I must admit I greatly enjoyed your John Wayne post, but I didn't come here for it. I believe I got linked over here from Scalzi's blog at some point - though it might have been more esoteric than that. Am I the only one who wonders what a political conversation between you and John Ringo might be like? Anyhow, awesome blog, cats, Alaska stuff, jerkoff section (not what they were expecting!), etc. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, Howie, I will endeavor to keep you all entertained.

    And, just for the record, I get at least 50% of visitors surfing in from Scalzi's various sites. And roughly 10% from Small Wars Journal. Some days I feel like a parasite, but, you know, I'm good with that.

  4. I'd say about 2/3rds of my blog's crowd is Whateverites at this point.

    And I hit a milestone today also! My first comment spam from a bot! Yay milestones! :D

    Actually I'm beginning to view Stonekettle Station as the hub of a community that's becoming somewhat distinct from the general Whatever crowd. There are some days I come here first, before going over there.

  5. MWT, what? You go to Whatever first? Man, you just popped my bubble :)

    Or maybe it's the snow I've been moving for the last two hours - and still have another half hour before I'm finished. We got our first good snowfall in a month yesterday and today. Nothing major maybe six inches (which I could probably increase to 12 inches if I were to take up the spammers on their offers), but I've got a big drive and I clean out my neighbor's drive too (the good neighbor, not the jackass neighbor), and the mailbox drop down the road. On the other hand it gives me an excuse to get out of the shop and play in the snow, so no complaints.

  6. Wow! Can't wait til I can describe my readers as a "crowd".

    The book just past 200 total hits and the new one is at 30! Wooot

    I do have to admit that yesterday in my subway station there was a service advisory posted. They tell you when there's anything unusual about how the trains are operating and whether or not you might need to use an alternate route. I walked the length of the platform and saw 5 of them. Every one of them was in Spanish.

    I still have no idea what the advisory was about, but I got where I was going.

  7. My blog gets traffic from about 25% family/friends/colleagues, 25% secret society of beast moms, and 50% whateverites.

    But Jim, your traffic numbers are GREAT. :) Congrats.

  8. Yeah, I'm kind've blown away by it - considering that I've only been at this for about 4 months. I expect that if I wasn't attracting attention from Scalzi's blog however I won't been anywhere near those numbers. And the Fooey-U bit in the 'e' seems to still be attracting people over here, apparently people do the 'who is this weird SOB' bit, look up my profile or click on my name link and end up here.

    Nathan, I would imagine the Spanish alerts said something like - Warning, NIS/ICE agents in the vicinity, try to look Protestant and speak only in approved languages! Don't tell anybody what this says."

  9. Should have been "INS/ICE" damnit, not NIS/ICE. Damn fingers.

  10. Jim's got fat fingers. He's on the 'roids.

  11. I'll bet Jim gets his 'roids from the same source as Mary J and Tyler Perry. Just sayin'.

  12. Jim's got hands that have been repeatedly broken, and has nerve damage in the left arm and can't feel two fingers on his left hand. So his fingers don't keep up with his mind - and additionally he is neurologically unable to detect errors in the comments box, no matter how many times he reads the goddammed thing.

  13. I forgot to post this yesterday.

    Dang it, actual blog traffic means I can't legitimately get you this as a birthday present.

  14. Dammit, Tania, I came this close to choking to death on my breakfast. Hysterical, thanks.


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