Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dancing Monkey is Dancing to Another Tune This Morning

Usually I spend the morning blogging and writing (which is redundant - I think). But this morning I'm starting out in the shop. I've completed the templates for the millwork I'm doing, and this morning I need to start the prototype production run, so you're on your own for a couple of hours.

This is a good thing, for me anyway. First the millwork provides me with income, which is always welcome. Second, woodworking is my zen and it gives me time to think about writing - and I've reached a point in Iyes of the Dead where I need to be plotting very carefully, there are a lot of details coming together and they all have to mesh correctly, woodworking gives me time to get things arranged in my head. I'm thinking I'll post a selected extract of the first chapter here maybe later today or tomorrow - just so you can get an idea of my real writing style which is radically different from Deep Thunder.

On a political note, I see Richardson dropped out of the race last night, sigh. But, truly, you saw that coming, right? I'll go on record as predicting Clinton and McCain. Here's why, I'm pretty sure the GOP engaged in a little under the table chicanery with ole smiling John, in order to get his backing for s.3930. And Clinton, well, you don't think the caucus votes actually matter, do you?


  1. On a political note, I see Richardson dropped out of the race last night, sigh.

    Dammit! >.<

  2. Richardson was my first choice, but I had no illusions about whether or not he could win.

    My prediction? Obama vs Romney. Because I'm contrary, I am.

    And yes, we would like to read the first chapter of your book, thank you for asking.

  3. It's all organized by the Masons anyway.

    I second Janiece's sentiment about the first chapter. One of my favorite things about writing is that you can use whatever style is appropriate for the story.

  4. Yeah Jim,

    Pony up that chapter.


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