Thursday, January 31, 2008

Possibly the best invention ever - or maybe not.

A pork sausage link, wrapped in a chocolate chip pancake - on a stick. Is this a great country, or what?

It's not quite perfect, you still need a cup of syrup with a whole stick of melted butter mixed in, to dunk it in, just saying.

There is no way the terrorists will win, no way - not with Jimmy Dean on our side - we'll probably all die of cholesterol induced heart attacks first. But, hell, it'll be worth it.


  1. I so did not need to see that first thing in the morning.

    Excuse me.


  2. Can't beat food on a stick, which chocolate chips.

    Hell, just show the terrorists the box and say, "This is what we eat for fun. Still think you have a chance to defeat us? huhn, Punk? We put chocolate chips in pancakes because we can. What you got?"

    Either that or get them a subscription to ESPN for monster truck week and explain that people don't get government payments to make those things, they do it because they love to. Imagine what we can do when we're really pissed off.

  3. Ew. Chocolate covered pork.

    That's just so wrong on so many levels...

  4. So, Michelle, Janiece, does that mean Steve amd I can have yours?

  5. Its the exquisite mix of textures and flavors that....

    never mind.

  6. Heh. Jon Stewart pointed out that miraculous invention on the Daily Show. Gives the same shudder now as it did then.

    You can have my share.

  7. It's food on a stick!. On a stick. From a box. Food in a box, on a stick. If it's on a stick, it can't be bad for ya!

    And chocolate chips!

    Yeah, civilization is doomed.

    (Actually, compared to some of the crap that I ate in MWR's, this doesn't look too bad, just saying)

  8. I still don't think that it is as nearly phenomenally artery-slamming bad for you as this food:

    Beer-batter deep fried, bacon wrapped, cheez-whiz filled hot dogs on a stick

    My cholesterol count went up from just looking at the recipe, so click on the link at your own discreation.

    (But yes, chocolate chips and sausage is wrong...)

  9. Jeri,

    Weren't you paying attention. Its on a stick! A stick!

  10. Nathan, you could put poop on a stick and serve it for lunch. It still wouldn't be good. ;)

  11. you could put poop on a stick and serve it for lunch. It still wouldn't be good.

    Well, duh, you have to batter it and deep fry it first...

  12. That's disgusting. I wnat to try one.

    But nuthin', and I mean nuthin', beats that perennial Japanese festival favorite squid-on-a-stick.

    As my buddy Sean says: if it's in the ocean and not a rock, the Japanese will find a way to eat it. On a stick. Or with sticks. Take your pick.

    Anyone up for fugu?

  13. I once ate Monkey on a stick in Morocco.

    I once ate cat on a stick in Spain (that was an accident, we thought it was rat or something).

    I once ate alligator on a stick in Pensacola.

    I once ate something (it might have been deep fried poop) on stick in France, tasted like shit

    I once (OK, more than once) ate sausage on a stick in Mexico, it was awesomely good.

    I once ate a Calzone on a stick in Italy, it sucked.

    I once ate a frozen cheesecake on a stick at a fair in California

    I once ate a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and chopped nuts at the Alaska state fair.

    I love homemade corn dogs. Love 'em. Dipped in mustard.

    Food on a stick, baby, that's what separates us from the animals.

  14. The takeout where I work sells teriyaki chicken on a stick, and teriyaki beef on a stick. Both are good. But they still don't beat our cheese steak egg rolls (tastes like a hamburger, only deep fried).

  15. Ohhh, now I want an egg roll, do you deliver?

  16. My sons once had a deep-fried twinkie on a stick on Fremont St in Vegas. I couldn't bring myself to try it though - I'm not a fan of things that are too sweet.

  17. Yeah, I'd have to drawn the line at a deep fried twinkie. I don't like twinkies, deep fried or otherwise.

    Though, I have always been tempted to try a deep fried dill pickle. I love dill pickles, love 'em. But I like them cold and crispy and kosher. I suspect that deep frying would make them warm and limp. Not so much, thanks.

    Best fair food? Home made, thick cut, Yukon gold potato chips, smoothed in fresh ground green garlic and Parmesan cheese at the Alaska State Fair. Makes your eyes water, no seriously. They are the best.

  18. John,

    Was that the sausage and pancake thing you want to try or the beer-battered deep-fried poop on a stick?

  19. Nathan - wold there be a difference in the taste? I don't think so.

  20. Jim,

    No way. The best fair food--and the thing I wait all year for, are funnel cakes. I don't need the fancy stuff, just hot funnel cake with a blizzard of powdered sugar.

    I can eat half of one, and then I'm done. But it's so worth the wait.

    Only problem is that heat + powdered sugar = sticky mess for rest of fair.

  21. "Food on a stick, baby, that's what separates us from the animals."

    You know, except for those monkeys eating ants and termites using sticks.

  22. Was a nice theory, though, until reality interrupted it.

  23. Steve - they don't skewer them, though, they just poke the stick in the nest and lick the ants off of it.

    See that 1% difference in our genome is worth something.

  24. Hmmm. Deep fried ice cream. Available at fine faux-Mexican food establishments everywhere. But not on a stick. Or at least I've never had it that way. Maybe someone should make a popsicle version. Hmmm.

  25. Well, okay, Steve does have a point. Not so long ago, man was defined as a tool using animal - but that had to be updated when it was discovered that chimps, raccoons, and such like also used tools - until then I understand that it was quite common to accidentally hire a troop of baboons to refurbish your kitchen and do roofing - or install a hot water heater (Steve).

    I understand the new definition says that deep frying is now the defining criteria.

  26. Alaska State Fair used to have the best fair food - you could find anything and it was all good!

    The Washington state fair has chain concessions. They have like five different kinds of food shack - a burger joint, a fry/chip place, ice cream stand, elephant ears - and then they just repeat them in different areas of the fair. I was very disappointed.

    But, elephanFresh hot fried yeast bread and just a little cinnamon sugar. I'm hungry now!

  27. I'm having nasty editing problems lately! That last was supposed to be elephant ears, my favorite fair food.


  28. I have to admit, Middle Son loves these things for breakfast (well, the ones that don't have chocolate chips, just regular pancackes.) He does not, however, dip them in syrup or butter or anything. And I was not the one who gave them to him - we can all thank Hubby for that...

    Though they are not a staple in my house, I doubt they're really that bad. They aren't fried. They're just what they look like - sausage on a stick with a pancake wrapped around it. How is that different from a sausage and flapjack breakfast, which is a staple in many homes? The problem with them is how much we have to pay for packaging and convenience, which is my real problem with our fast-food culture as a whole.

    Though I bet John the Scientist can give me some alarming information.

    But, as has been stated often, they're on a stick! How can we argue with that?

  29. Nothing wrong with this stuff a little Crestor won't cure. The evils of modern food are overblown.

    I'm probably too cheap to pay for the convenience, though.


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