Thursday, January 24, 2008

Al Gore kicked me in the privates, twice

So yesterday I mentioned how unseasonably warm it's been here in South Central Alaska for the last two weeks. Balmy 50's and rain, snow all gone.

Seriously, you've really got to wonder how far the global warming pendulum has swung towards the steamy swamps of the Jurassic when the weather is like that in Alaska - in January.

Today, it's -5F and I've got a foot of snow.

Yeah, that's Alaska for you.


And speaking of Al, the Internet is in and out this morning. It has already eaten the actual post I intended to put up and I don't have time to redo it. I've got to do some work out in the shop. There may be cool pictures, later.

In the mean time, check this out. The Navy just took delivery of the world's most powerful railgun. It's not an official death ray, yet, but still it's pretty damned cool.


  1. Go Navy!

    And Al Gore, yeah. Never around when you need him.

  2. He's probably off working on a rail gun or something ;)

  3. Al Gore? He was rigging his new solar panels and one fell on him. He has a hurt shoulder now and can't keep up with the global warming plan.

  4. Pish,

    When I was in college, we had the Funnelator. Go up to the roof. Two guys go to different corners on the south side of the roof holding their ends of the surgical tubing. Third guy takes the funnel mounted in the middle. He backs up to the north end of the roof. load funnel with projectile...water balloon. Wait for elevated train to go by 1 block away. Launch.

    Take that railgun.

    Actually, I think its pretty f'ing cool. :-)

  5. Yeah, a railgun - I want one.

    Either that or one of those pneumatic cannons that fire frozen chicken into airplane windshields for FAA certification testing... think of the damage you could do with one of those and a case of frozen poultry - or a couple of those miniature shitzu dogs...

  6. Oh! I've seen those in action!

    I would love to have one to fire and the damned Hummers. (I mean really, it's WV, I get needing a TRUCK [which is different from a truck (my friends father has a TRUCK and uses it to haul shit [literally]. But the college students across the alley just have trucks)] and I get needing 4-wheel drive, but no one needs a damned Hummer.)

    Yes, I really do talk like that.

  7. Yeah, Hummers chap my ass too.

    It's the ultimate 'in your face' statement. Nothing says "I've got a little dick, but I'm still a huge asshole" like the Hummer.


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