Monday, January 28, 2008

Please Stand By

I've got some unexpected things going on today that I have to take care of.

So, today's post will be delayed for a while, maybe until tomorrow. So sorry, but I'm sure you'll all find something to do with yourselves.



  1. Just an FYI - bakho replied to your commentary about Alaska, but in the spirit of hijacking, he wrote it over on my blog. Now that we're post-hijack, feel free to continue there if you're so inclined. ;)

  2. John, no not VA related. The lab called this morning, my son's throat culture came back as Type A Strep. He hasn't shown any signs at all, other than a mild sore throat on Friday, which I thought might be strep (he'd been exposed to a kid with it) but the swab test then was negative. However, the culture came back positive this morning for type A. After he had left for school. So, I had to go get him out of school, and go to the pharmacy. He's allergic to the Amoxicillian family of antibiotics, and I had to get Zithromax. I live in a rural area, so there was some running around to do.

    And I had a number of other things that had to be taken care of, so it was just one of those days.

    MWT: Thanks I'm headed that way to check it out.

  3. Jim, I'm glad it was something manageable - and hope he feels better soon!

    My older son has had strep several times and not really complained about it, his tonsils are swiss cheese. It's good they caught it.

  4. So, let me get this. One of the things that tipped you off that he might have strep was the lego dispensing nostril? Golly, medical knowledge has changed since my childhood.

  5. Nathan - I thought this was now NoHijack day? So if so, free associating to a comment in a different post is probably stretching the rules.

    Sheesh... where some people get their energy.

  6. Jim, I'm immune to strep. Or so it appears - I've never had it, in spite of repeated exposures.

    But I feel bad about the running-around part. That sucks.

  7. Yeah, running around, especially in Alaska. It's cold up there...


  8. Jeri,

    Its not (that word)ing, when I'm associating something else with the topic at hand. Its only (that word)ing when I come completely out of left field and answer the question "Where is Jim?" with the response "blue".

    Did that make any sense at all?


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