Sunday, October 25, 2009

Privet Carrier…

…not for hire!


So stop asking, damn your eyes!


Saw this parked in the lot in front of Home Depot in Anchorage.  I was lucky to get a clear picture, just moments before it had been surrounded by screaming bikini clad hotties trying to hire the vehicle and its driver, an impressive man in a very large pair of overalls (and not much of anything else – unless “chest and back pelt” could be considered apparel) .

Ah, the sights of Anchorage. What a marvelous place.


  1. But where does he carry his shrubbery? And does he also carry other types or just privets? Also isn't there some risk in carrying what may be an invasive species? Privets are not native to this continent let alone Alaska.

    Seriously,the guy probably just got tired of hearing "Dude, I'm moving tomorrow, can i borrow your truck?" from people he has at most a passing acquaintance with.

    Hell, *I* get tired of that shit, and i drive a damned Chevy Colorado w/ a 4 foot bed, not even close to a full stake bed truck that would actually be useful in moving more than a studio apartment's worth of stuff.

    And hell, all the distractions probably get in the way of hs work as a shrubber. Wonder if his name is Roger?

  2. Just like a Dursley: buy a great big truck like that and don't do anything with it except move your own stuff around. They're just awful people, all of them, and the Potter boy ought to smite the whole lot of 'em. His father was a Dracula, you know, so he can totally do it.

  3. Damn, I'd buy a bikini just to hang around that lovely piece o' truck-ish manhood.

  4. See, I figured he was carrying portable toilets. Mush have just finished a run.

  5. "Privet" is "Hi" in Russian. I didn't know the invasion has started already.

  6. Konstantin - I was about to say that the truck looks like it could have been one of the Lend-Lease Katyusha carriers in 1944. :D

  7. I thought a privet was a species of cat closely related to skunks?

  8. No. I'm sorry. That's "civet" not privet that's the stinky feline species.

    I was wondering why he needed a truck like that to haul cats.

  9. Cool.

    This is the sort of vehicle I'd take hundreds of up close photos of for textures.

  10. Gee, coming home on the train just now I spotted a tee shirt that had an outline of your state and said
    Alaska...we grow ice.

    If that's the case, I dunno why anyone would be needing a privet carrier up there...


  11. It's never a good time to mention this, but civets aren't felines, they're viverrids, which puts them closer to hyenas.

    Hyenas and civets share a more recent common ancestor than either share with cats. All are Feliformid Miacids, of course, but to be considered feline, they must belong to the Felidae, and civets don't.

    Civets are also the world's leading cause of weasel coffee. It's really gross.


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