Friday, October 2, 2009

What It Looks Like Out My Back Window

Pioneer Peak 003

Yeah, that’s snow alright.

2000 feet down Pioneer Peak and coming fast.

Man, I am not ready for winter.

But I admit that I love the view of snow capped mountains at sunset.


  1. You know, one of the nice things about being where I am is that I can look out of my window at snow capped mountains (the Olympic peninsula, for those that care) and still be sitting in 20C and sunshine. Good, eh?

  2. I've got it better than you Mike. I can look out Jim's window on my computer and think, "Damn it looks cold there."

    It's only going up to 68 degrees here today.


  3. 20C?

    Be warned folks, if socialized medicine passes in the US, we'll all be living in 20C.

    First they came for my medical care.

    Then they came for my thermometers.

    Damn, those filthy Canadians.

  4. either way you look at it, it's just freaking cold.

  5. eautiful. I put one of your glacier pics up as my screensaver a few weeks ago, so I could see something cool. However, Fall is now approaching SoCal, and the temps have retreated to something much more bearable. A beautiful shot!

  6. I look forward to winter. The clear, hazy free skies, the crisp crunching sound under foot, the silence, the silence that is defining. I look forward to being able to walk out into the middle of the Hay Flats, to be able to walk out into the middle of the lakes near Jim's Creek.

    Ah, there is so much I enjoy about winter, I could go on and on.

  7. Spectacular...that will be my new wallpaper.

    We're having another boring day of lower 70's and no humidity here.

    No complaints, especially after the monsoons we had a couple weeks ago! I haven't had to run the ac in well over a week. I've got all the windows open and at the moment I've actually got the oven on -kitchen isn't even hot- baking the zucchini bread I've been trying to get around to all week.

    Yum! I know what's for lunch - yogurt w/ warm zucchini bread on the side!

  8. Sorry Jim, last comment double posted somehow, if you could fix it I would appreciate it!

  9. Wendy, fixed.

    Ed, I love winter too - just not yet. I need another month.

  10. And how many kilometers do you have to commute each day down those wonderful highways if yours Jim? The metric system is coming for you America! Resistance is futile . . .


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