Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Always Something

Took the Jeep in to get the winter tires put on and an alignment.

Got a call from the shop.

It's going to need $2000 worth of repairs. U-joints and pitman arms and various and sundry. Yes, it's got damned near 300,000 miles on it.

But still, Arrgh!

It's cheaper than a new vehicle I suppose. But damn, $2000. Ouch!


  1. Ouch - that sucks.

    cough::I have a 2001 Cherokee for sale Less than 100K miles.::cough

  2. dude, $250 in parts and tools, and a couple hours, and you can do it yourself, dana 30 axles are a breeze to work on, and dana 44's are not any harder, the hardest part on that whole deal is pulling the pitman arm, that requires a puller.

  3. ball joints and rod ends are another deal entirely though

  4. I know.

    I don't have the time at the moment.

    And yes we are talking ball joints and rods too and a couple other major items. The price quoted is actually a pretty good deal.


  5. That's why you're getting paid the big bucks...so you can support your Jeep!!

    Oh, and ouch.

  6. Did ball joints on the 1996 Blazer recently -- and I'm not even making the big bucks.

    But, I do like driving in straight lines and not having major pieces fall off or great bodily harm occurring. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  7. Yeah, that was my thought too, Phil.

  8. Ah well, if I was in Alaska, I'd come over and fix it for parts and beer, sorry.

  9. For $2K it might be cheaper for me to fly you to AK and buy you a six pack.


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