Thursday, October 1, 2009


Turns out you’re not getting a post tonight either.

My son and I were out in the shop – and I lost track of time.

My son has recently been expressing interest in learning how to turn.

This tickles me.

Tonight he was learning basic techniques. Such as using a forstner bit in the tailstock chuck to hollow out birdhouse bases.  As I said yesterday, turned birdhouses are a great way to learn to use a wood lathe, they incorporate all the basic techniques of both spindle and face turning.


It is now late and I am very tired.

Good night.


  1. YAY! We win. Another generation of turners! And with his mind it should be only a matter of time before the real genius creative comes out. Tell him to tuck his shirt in next time though.
    Best of luck getting any time on the lathe now.

  2. Right on! :) Now you'll need a third... hehheh

    Is that the 46-200 4-speed? You said it was quiet - I'm guessing it doesn't have the Reeves clutch inside...

  3. Jim, any time you can spend quality time with your son AND start teaching him how to do something you love is a WIN!!

    From my perspective, he couldn't have a better teacher.

    The hell with the rest of us.

  4. Yup. In a few weeks you'll lose access to the shop. Even ShopKat will look at you and say, "Who are YOU?"

    The advantages of the unchilded -- no one takes over my stuff. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  5. Beastly, noted.

    I'm looking around for a Jet mini-lathe like yours. Figure that would be the way to go.

  6. Karl, it's 46-525. It does have a Reeves Drive system (an analog infinite speed control based on a sheeve pulley system). Properly tuned with a good belt it is very quiet. I love the Reeve system, robust, lasts forever, and easy to maintain.

  7. It may be because of the order I was reading stuff this morning, but when I saw your headline, I was sure it was going to be about something like this.

    Glad your OOPS is less catastrophic.

  8. Hey, cool! - I couldn't see the speed change handle in the pic, there. My 46-621 has more or less the same drive, but I get some noise from the cabinet - double belts...

  9. Karl, yep, the control lever on the 525 is down lower on the cabinet front panel than the 621, but it's basically the same system. I've got the upgraded 2HP motor and new belts and instead of ballest I bolted it to the cement shop floor - which eliminated vibration noise. I also put felt pads and rubber gromets between all the mount faces. It's very quiet.

  10. Ahaaa... I have some slack time coming soon - I see a 'refit' in my future - I'd like to shake the last of the shakes.

    And what Wendy said - all of that. :)

  11. Go for the new Delta. My Jet is starting to show serious ware of daily use. Tail stock has to be refurbished, new belt needed, bearings starting to squeal and the paint is chipping off all over. They are not made for the daily beating I give them. The new Delta mini is redesigned, longer bed, heavier by 17 lbs, 6" clearance, easier speed change and a reverse function. It really runs well and looks like it can take a beating. Worth the $599.99 and 99.99 for the stand. It was my next purchase until laptop death.


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