Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update (Updated)

Yesterday my hand was pretty sore and swollen, and I really couldn’t type more than a couple of lines here and there. So I decided to stay away from the keyboard the whole day.

Today, things are improving.

I appear to be healing nicely.  I’ve always healed pretty fast, but then I’ve had practice.

Most of the swelling is gone, I have knuckles again. The redness and pain is mostly gone too, though as you might imagine it’s still pretty sore.  The wound appears to be closed and is healing up around the edges, no sign of infection. I’m not wearing the splint during the day, though I put it on at night so I don’t accidently tear out the stitches while sleeping.

I really can’t bend my right index finger more than a little bit at the moment though and that makes typing difficult, so I’m probably going to be away from the keyboard most of today too.

Good day to read a book I think.

Speaking of books:

As a number of you know, I was ambushed the other day.

An odd brick shaped car blasting Hip Hop pulled up in my driveway.  Now, I was pretty sure that I didn’t know anybody who drove a Honda Element and listened to Hip Hop at earth shaking volume.

Turns out I was wrong.

I do know somebody who drives that bizarre geometry experiment on wheels and radiates rap music loud enough to start forest fires (though, they claim they were just doing it to get my attention) – UCFer Tania, and her sidekick for the day, Jeri.

Jeri was in Alaska on business and Tania drove down from Fairbanks to meet her in Anchorage. Then the two of them drove out here to the Valley and surprised me.  Pictures of that event have been posted elsewhere – I would have put some up here, but it turns out I, uh, didn’t actually get any on my own camera.

Not content with surprising the hell out of me, Tania and Jeri brought me a gift:


That’s Ron Jeremy’s autobiography – yes, that Ron Jeremy, the porn star.

It’s autographed by the Hedgehog himself:



Yes, that is correct, Tania and Jeri brought me an autographed copy of a porn star’s autobiography.

Is this a great club or what?


Now here’s the thing, I would never have bought this book on my own (or stood in line to get it autographed), and I sure wasn’t expecting much.  I mean, porn star, how good could it be?

Great actually.

Hysterical, the guy is absolutely hysterical. Charming, interesting, intelligent, and funny as all hell.

The book is fairly explicit, Jeremy pulls no punches about what he does for a living, he’s a porn star – the porn star in a lot of ways, seriously the guy has a gift.  I’m only a couple chapters into it, but so far it’s one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time.

So thanks, Tania and Jeri.  Thanks for surprising me and thanks for the book. And apologies, I wish I’d been a better host, but you caught me on a day where I was feeling extremely poorly. 

Next time, I swear, I’ll fix you dinner and do better.



  1. Go and use those opposable thumbs to hold the book open, Jim. The rest of us will hold the internet down.

  2. CuteFilmNerd met Jeremy at some event he (CFN) was volunteering as a photographer.

    (No, not that kind of event! Yeesh!)

    CFN said that the Hedgehog was very funny and very charming. It doesn't surprise me that his book reflects that.

    Also, what Steve said. Stop with the typing and enjoy the book. We'll keep the internets from exploding while you're gone.

  3. Y'know, I'd totally forgotten she talked about getting that for you.


    Another surprisingly good autobiography: Veeck as in Wreck.

  4. Okay, my wife watched The Surreal Life which was a reality show that included such people as Ron Jeremy and Tammy Faye Baker, and I got sucked into it.

    I came out of it with a decent opinion towards Ron and especially Tammy Faye, but Vanilla Ice is still an ass.

    It was weird, Ron and Tammy were really connecting until the producers made him host a porn star pool party, which killed the energy between them and I stopped watching.

  5. It was a birthday gift from the entire UCF, I was just the person delivering it.

    While my vehicle may be homely (it is a box on wheels), it is a very practical car, and that is why I purchased it. If I wanted fun, I'd have gone with a Mini.

    BTW - you DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE my vanity license plate. Hmmph.

  6. Next time, I swear, I’ll fix you dinner and do better.

    I keep rereading that sentence, then I glance up and the picture, then I reread the sentence again...

  7. Yeah, he didn't even bother to buy us dinner. Or call after, either. ::snicker::

    I dunno if I would have read the book... but now I might take a look at it. Too funny.

  8. It was birthday gift from the whole UCF? Really? How come I wasn't invited???

    (goes off and cries)

  9. Yeah, that was my thought too. I helped give him that? o.O


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