Monday, June 8, 2009

Please Continue to Hold…

…somebody will be with you shortly.

Today’s hold music is Mark Knopfler’s final solo from Telegraph Road.

The hand hurts this morning, but hey, what you gonna do, right?

I have to clean the sutures and change the dressing, so at the moment I’ve got the splint off and most of the bandaging – which means I can actually type a line or two in something under ten minutes.

I’ve got feeling and good color in the damaged finger, so despite nicking the artery I haven’t notably damaged my circulation.  So, you know, that’s good.

The doc told me I couldn’t get the wound wet at for ten days, i.e. no shower for a week and a half.

Yeah, sure, doc.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been seriously injured,  I know what to do. (and yes, I am the kind of guy who rips chunks of the cast off with a pair of pliers). I bought a couple boxes of extra large waterproof blue nitrile gloves last night (two by two, hands of blue – and if you don’t get that, well, I feel sorry for you), without the splint they fit just fine over the bandages.

I’m off to take a shower.

Once I re-dress and splint the injured digit, posting and such will return to twitter sized one-liners.

Enjoy your day – and again thanks for all the kind thoughts.


  1. Clear garbage bag and twist tie works just fine to.

    Or if in a cast, push end of bag under cast.

  2. Don't forget to tie a tourniquet around the wrist to make sure the glove doesn't leak water.


  3. Duct tape...

    Better yet - get someone else to wash you while you hold your dry hand up in the air ;)

  4. Did the doctor at least give you some good painkillers? Mmm, percocet...

  5. I really don't care for painkillers, Chris. In most cases I'd rather have the pain than the mental dullness that comes with most narcotics. I have a pretty high threshold for pain and I'm in pain most of the time anyway - so, this is not too terrible different from my usual state of being.

    Don't get me wrong here, when I fell on my damaged shoulder two years ago I had absolutely NO problem getting a shot of morphine and taking percocet for a week. No problem. I'm neither stupid or a masochist. ;)

  6. I'm neither stupid or a masochist.



    (saunters off wishing she could whistle)

  7. That's right, you can just saunter off, Lady.

    ...Wait, what does saunter mean again?

    Thanks, Michelle, you make me smile.

  8. I'm neither stupid or a masochist.

    Is this the Jim we all know and love? Hmmm, Jim must've been replaced by a pod person or an alien scribe or something.

  9. I second the duct tape. Just don't tell your doctor that I said so...

  10. shower safely completed with glove sealed with waterproof surgical tape. Works like a charm.

    re-bandaged and splinted and typing again sucks.

  11. Saunter, to walk in a slow and relaxed manner.

    When I saunter, I try to put some swing into my hips.

    Just for practice, you know.

    (saunters off again)

  12. boom chicka chicka bow bow boom boom chicka chicka bow...

  13. Yeowh!

    Hope your finger gets better soon!


  14. mental dullness.... I'll take two to go please, supersize that .

    Digits are important tools, two of them separate us from the monkeys.

    Guard them well, grasshopper.

    Hope you get better.

  15. Personally, I consider "Telegraph Road" to be the definitive Mark Knopfler solo, in the sense that it might or might not be his best, but it's the one that if I were teaching a guitar appreciation class it shows off all of his distinctive quirks and gifts (e.g. the call-and-response phrases to himself and riffs on a single phrase, that wonderful fingerpicking technique). O'course it's just a beautiful solo, too.

    I hope the finger continues to heal nicely.

  16. Those opposable thumbs. It's what keeps those kitties in line. Cans, you see.

    Dr. Phil

  17. ok shipmate take two motrin dink some water and i want you back here at 0530 for muster, you got that ::puts on best attempt and a slty chiefs face::

  18. Three things:

    Konstanin: As much as I dearly appreciate your sympathy, I uh will probably never be able to hear the appellation "Grasshopper" again without visualizing a creepy old man naked, dead, and tied up in the closet. Really, dude, please don't, just don't.

    Eric: that's exactly why I chose that clip, however I think Knopfler's solo at the end of Sultan's is the most amazing thing I've ever seen live. It is hard to believe that human fingers can move with such speed and precision, and yet the guy looks like he is just strumming scales. It is astounding.

    Jarhead: Hahahahahahaha! Beastly and Janiece get the joke, I'm sure, but for the rest of you - the standard response to anything in a military hospital is 2 motrin and a glass of water. Anything, from a headache to a gunshot wound to child birth. 2 Motrin, drink some water, come back tomorrow and we'll see how you're doing... Ask any military person, it's always the same.

  19. Remember, Grasshopper, never alone and always use safety word with partner....

  20. Nathan, no, the tourniquet goes around the neck. Make sure the blood doesn't flow out.

    And I can imaging Jim taking a shower like Stonewall Jackson with his hand in the air.

  21. ...2 motrin and a glass of water...

    yup - even broken hands...

  22. OOOO I cut my finger.
    Quit milkin it you big pansy! At least you didn't turn purple for two months. Crap get some real shop injuries you sandcrab!

    Well the itching has started and I coughed up a lump of funkiness but the blotches have not risen yet. For those of you on the outside of this conversation. In December I turned some COCOBOLO, got a skin irritation and coughing fit for two freakin months and Jim found this hilarious. So, Just had to get another jab in. Slicing wit. Sharp as a tack (or bench chisel). I could go on but gotta go take another shower and slather anti-itch cream on my five head.

  23. Ah, Jim, thank you for the clever response to the Grasshopper line. My boss uses it on a regular basis, and I strongly suspect if I use your response, he'll stop... or at least not use it so much.

    It is always sad when a person is remembered for how they died, instead of how they lived.



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